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Stonehenge Tower, nestled on tree-lined 89th Street, exudes class. Recently renovated with a gorgeous, open lobby and a brand-new fitness center, this building caters to a wide range of renters seeking the best in Upper West Side living. Choose from Stonehenge Tower's studio, one, two and three-bedroom layouts, enjoy a quiet neighborhood, and the convenience of surrounding eateries and cultural centers.

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Still Standing: A One-Year Artist Residency in NYC

Stonehenge NYC is gifting apartments to twenty creatives in 2021 … because New York City isn’t going anywhere.  The Story It’s no secret that New York has been deeply impacted over this past year. The physical, mental, and economic wellbeing of our community has been tested by a global pandemic. But New Yorkers are no stranger to struggle. And once again, we will show the world our strength and resilience. Because it is the people that make this city truly great.  Whether you’ve visited once or have lived here your entire life, anyone fortunate enough to experience New York’s energy is forever changed. That has and always will be true. No pandemic can stop New York. Our city will be reborn, reimagined, and recreated into an even greater version of itself. And the team at Stonehenge NYC is committed to ushering in this new era. The Mission We are dedicated to our city’s artists. These people are an essential part of our community, the ones who will tell -- and shape -- the story of New York during this monumental point in history. Which is why we’ve created the Still Standing artist residency. Beginning in March 2021, Stonehenge NYC will actively support creatives by providing housing within our residential portfolio. By easing the financial burden of city-living, we strive to give qualifying artists the time and space to create groundbreaking work, while leading New York City into its next chapter. The Application Applications for Stonehenge NYC’s inaugural Still Standing residency will open on October 21 and close at midnight on January 10, 2021. The process is open to any artist who is eligible to live and work in New York City. All creative disciplines are welcome.  DOWNLOAD APP HERE - Download and send completed apps to stillstanding@stonehengenyc.com (please do not fill out in Dropbox) The application will consist of two primary components -- the personal statement and the art submission.  The personal statement will include two essays, no more than 800 words each. These essays will give applicants the opportunity to tell us about themselves and their work. New York doesn’t adhere to any singular narrative - rather it’s a beautiful collection of diverse stories that breathe life into this city. It’s important that the Still Standing residency is a reflection of these multitudes, which is why we’re interested in getting to know each applicant’s story alongside their work. The creative submission provides an opportunity to showcase this work. Artists are asked to submit a piece fulfilling the prompt “I stand with New York City”. The prompt is purposefully minimal, because the creative process is deeply personal. We want to get to know you, so feel free to take artistic liberties here. We only ask that submissions are, at maximum: 1,000 words -- or -- 3 minutes -- or -- 5 images. The rest is up to you.  The Residency Still Standing is a one-year residency, from March 2021 to February 2022, open to creatives across all disciplines. Twenty artists will live in a Stonehenge NYC apartment for free, in exchange for regular commissions of their work. The details and deadlines of these commissions will be agreed upon prior to move-in. While the structure may vary by medium, the goal remains the same -- we will show the world that New York City is still standing. Follow @StonehengeNYC on instagram, facebook, and twitter for up-to-date information. If you have any questions regarding the Still Standing residency, or application process, please contact Taylor Lhamon at stillstanding@stonehengenyc.com. We look forward to your submissions.   FAQ How long is the residency? Still Standing is a one-year artist residency beginning in March 2021 through February 2022. Selected artists will receive free housing in a Stonehenge NYC apartment for one year, in exchange for regular commissions of their work. What are these commissions? Recipients will be required to submit regular commissions of their work, during the 2021-2022 Still Standing Residency. We recognize that time commitment largely varies by medium, so the specific parameters will be discussed and agreed upon with each artist, prior to the residency. Together, we’ll create an outline of the schedule, so that you’re able to fulfill the requirements while also having time for your personal projects. While commissions will vary based on creative discipline, the goal remains the same -- to show the world that New York City is still standing.  Will I have creative control over my work? As with any commissioned work, it will be a collaborative effort in support of the Still Standing theme. The goal is to highlight the story of New York City during this time. We trust your creative vision --  our team will work with you to commision pieces that align with the residency theme, as well as your personal artistic vision and goals. What about personal or outside work during the residency? Your personal projects or outside work will not be owned or influenced by Stonehenge NYC during the time of your residency. While Still Standing commissions will be a collaborative effort, you will have complete creative control and ownership of your personal work. Will I be sharing an apartment? Each residency recipient will receive their own one-bedroom apartment within the Stonehenge NYC portfolio -- which includes buildings throughout Manhattan and Long Island City. However, placement in those buildings is subject to availability and coordination with our leasing team. Can my partner live with me? Your partner or spouse is welcome to join you during the year-long residency. They will need to complete a background check as well, upon your qualification. Any additional needs or accommodations required during the residency should be noted in the application.  What are the application requirements, and how can I submit? In addition to the application, Still Standing applicants are required to submit an art submission, two personal essays, two professional references, and a resume via email. The art submission must be, at maximum: 1,000 words for written works, 3 minutes for audio/visual works, or 5 images for visual works. These are maximum parameters, and you’re welcome to submit less if that fits your vision.For example, if you’re an oil painter and one portrait feels sufficient in fulfilling the prompt “I Stand With New York City”, you’re welcome to send along one image as your art submission. Please send all pieces of your application as downloadable files to stillstanding@stonehengenyc.com.     

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