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AmTrust Title Webinar | "Where Are We Today And Where Are We Going To Be Over The Next Twelve Months"

Join Ofer Yardeni, CEO of Stonehenge NYC and Jeffrey Levine, Chairman and CEO of Douglaston Development Corporation and Levine Builders with Mike Stoler as the moderator to get two opinions on real estate.

The Residential and Rental Market in NYC in 2020 | The Stoler Report-New York's Business Report

Though the June 2019 New York Rent Laws have significantly affected the real estate market, guests, Including Ofer Yadeni, agree that, while some sales are down, New York's economy is strong, most rent stabilized apartments are rented, and people continue to come to New York to live, work and play.

How Ofer Yardeni was able to succeed in the horrendous (at the time) market in New York

How Ofer Yardeni was able to succeed in the horrendous (at the time) market in New York promo image

Ofer Yardeni is the chairman and CEO of Stonehenge NYC, a successful Manhattan-based real estate company that owns a portfolio of properties in Manhattan valued at approximately $2.1 billion. 

But he wasn’t always a chairman and CEO. Several years earlier, Ofer was an immigrant from Israel, an ex-soldier who wanted to finish his studies in New York after watching Animal House. He thought that his stay in the Big Apple would be short - go to NY, finish studies, and go back to Israel to teach - but life had other plans for Ofer.

Learn how he took matters into his own hands and managed to not only survive, but succeed in New York’s crazy 90’s real estate market. Learn his story and the factors that contributed to his success in Michael Stoler’s Building NY. 

View the video HERE


A-Rod on the benefits and pitfalls of being a celebrity investor

A sit down with the former Yankee all-star and current real estate investor — plus a peek behind the scenes on his photo shoot with TRD

Alex Rodriguez buys second Manhattan apartment building

Alex Rodriguez just doubled his chances of being your next landlord with a second Big Apple apartment building purchase. 
A-Rod, who bought his first NYC residential building with “Shark Tank” TV judge Barbara Corcoran, is in contract to buy a 114-unit brick apartment house at 340 E. 51 St., The Post has learned. 
The former Yankee slugger and his new investment partners paid “less than $100 million” for the 14-story Turtle Bay building, known as “The Allen House,” where rent for 423-square-foot studio apartments costs $2,550 a month, according to StreetEasy.

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