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Stonehenge NYC Announces One-Year Residency with Free Housing for Creatives in NYC - ‘Still Standing’ head image

Stonehenge NYC Announces One-Year Residency with Free Housing for Creatives in NYC - ‘Still Standing’

Stonehenge NYC, a leading real estate company in New York City, announces the official launch of Still Standing - a one-year residency with free housing for 20 artists and creatives in NYC, in exchange for regular commissions of their work.

Stonehenge NYC has recognized that, like many New Yorkers, artists have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. It will actively support these essential members of our community by offering free apartments within its portfolio of luxury rental buildings across Manhattan and Long Island City. By supporting creatives across all mediums -- including (but not limited to) literature, performance, design, cinema, music, photography, and visual arts -- Stonehenge NYC hopes to give artists the time and space needed to create groundbreaking work that will lead the city into its next chapter, while supporting its ongoing campaign, “New York is Still Standing!”

The artists and creatives will be selected by a special committee via an application process, which will consist of two primary components -- the personal statement and the art submission, and will open on October 21st and close at midnight on November 30, 2020. The residency will commence in March of 2021 and is open to any artist or creative who is eligible to live and work in New York City.

“The wellbeing of our community has been tested by a global pandemic.,” said Ofer Yardeni, chairman and CEO of Stonehenge NYC. “New Yorkers are no stranger to struggle, and we will show the world our strength and resilience. It is the people that make this city great, and we at Stonehenge NYC are dedicated to the task of bringing new life to the city. We are excited to use this partnership with New York’s most creative minds to help support and promote our amazing city.”

The Still Standing Application is officially live on the Stonehenge NYC website. All creative disciplines are welcome.

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