'Stars of the Streets' Contest Winners You Bred Raptors?

August 1st, 2012

We found 23 talented NYC street performers for the Stars of the Streets contest. The fans have spoken and the verdict is in: You Bred Raptors?—a group of local musicians—has been voted as the top street performer in Manhattan. Without further ado, we introduce the contest winners:

About You Bred Raptors?

The guys at You Bred Raptors? give us a background on the talented group and their New York City roots:

We are a three piece instrumental busking band out of New York City. Our songs are crafted with 8-string bass, cello, drums and two glockenspiels. The compositions have a heavy, post-rock, experimental, film score-like sound. Through tireless performance in the NYC subways with the Music Under New York program (MUNY), we are dedicated to reaching every demographic possible. Because the majority of our CDs are sold in the subway, our music is all over the globe and we have dedicated fans in dozens of countries. In some of the locations we play, hundreds of thousands of people will pass through the turnstiles every hour.

In addition to busking, we thrive in a variety of artistic mediums: We have worked as a pit orchestra for a NYC theater group, and we have been commissioned to score the upcoming feature film from TROMA, as well as 6 independent films produced by PVAF Films throughout 2013.

Our latest CD ‘Hammond’ was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston (Behold... the Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, Gorguts, Krallice). Thanks to our recent victory in Stonehenge's "Stars of the Streets" contest, we are looking forward to replacing some notably beat up gear, getting out tour vehicle back on the road for some booked international dates this Fall and of course more Dinosaur cloning equipment.

More Music from You Bred Raptors?

The song is called "Machinery". The video was recorded from a random passerby and uploaded to YouTube... that's how You Bred Raptors? finds most of their videos of varying quality.

[vsw id="0D77TYgZIEg" source="youtube" width="640" height="480" autoplay="no"]

The song performed for the Stonehenge ‘Stars of the Streets’ contest video is a song called "Hem & Haw."

[vsw id="Y68rg04HQUM" source="youtube" width="640" height="480" autoplay="no"]

You Bred Raptors? has graciously made this track available as a FREE download for anyone that is interested.

Stonehenge's Commitment to NYC Lifestyle, Culture & the Arts

As a leader and an innovator in the real estate industry, Stonehenge supports initiatives that connect with the local community. Under its Lifestyle at Stonehenge arm, the company promotes wellness and community engagement. The latest Stars of the Streets contest, was intended to get in touch with a different segment of the community—the Manhattan buskers who entertain us as we pass though subways, streets, and parks. This was one of numerous other Lifestyle initiatives Stonehenge has championed. Other programs include Business at Stonehenge, which exposes residents, portfolio-wide, to each other’s businesses. Stonehenge hosts events in parks near its buildings, such as yoga and sketch classes, in addition to film screenings. This is not your typical real estate company—Stonehenge strives to provide not only its residents, but also all New Yorkers with quality programming.