Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

May 18th, 2018

Manhattan energy is both intensely invigorating and completely exhausting. And while we love the city that never sleeps, keeping up with the NYC hustle can have a major effect on our physical and mental health. Spa services are certainly a great way to unwind after a busy week, but these luxuries can be pretty expensive. So why not create your a personal oasis, right in the comfort of your own bathroom? You can reap all of the benefits of a day spa without the pricetag. Check out the following tips to turn your bathroom into the ultimate relaxation station. Think Minimalist Spas create a stress-free environment by maintaining a high level of cleanliness. So if you’re interested in creating a personal oasis, consider embracing a minimalist approach to design. Take the time to get organized, and stash away any extra products scattered on your countertops. If you need to keep certain toiletries out for convenience, tidy them up with mounted shelving or designated jars. But With A Personal Touch While keeping a simple design and color scheme is best for a small bathroom space, don’t be afraid to add a bit of personality to the mix! Hang some inspirational artwork, or add a pop of color with a festive shower curtain. An in-home spa should be one of the most comforting rooms in your home, so take the time to create an ideal space to unwind from your stressful day. Trick Out Your Tub If you’re able to do a bit of remodeling, adding a Japanese soaking tub is the perfect way to duplicate a luxury spa in your Manhattan apartment. However, this isn’t always possible. The next best thing? A rainfall shower head. This small tweak is incredibly affordable, and will transform your shower experience. Feet First Bring a bit of the great outdoors into your home with nature-inspired bathmats! Pebble mats are a perfect addition to your bathroom. Not only do they help complete the spa-like aesthetic, but the small rocks actually work to massage your feet every time you step on them. Not a fan of pebbles? Opt for a non-slip cedar bathmat. These wooden accessories are both affordable and water resistant. Plus, you can use them inside your shower as well! Add Some Eucalyptus There are plenty of benefits to adding indoor plants into your interior decor plan. They’re proven to help alleviate stress and promote oxygen circulation in the home. If you’re interested in incorporating a bit of botany to your home spa, reach for the eucalyptus. This plant is a known decongestant, with plenty of anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it will make your bathroom smell heavenly! Set The Mood Spas are all about the ambience. So don’t be afraid to indulge your senses! Add candles, essential oils, and music to create the ultimate soothing atmosphere. Top it all off with a few rose petals in the bathtub, and you’re all set for an evening of relaxation. Final Details When it comes to creating a personal spa, it’s all about the details. So don’t be afraid to treat yourself! If you love long, luxurious baths, then you’ll definitely want to invest in a tub tray. Use one of these trays to hold your glass of wine, latest novel, and the bath-bomb of your choice. All that’s left, is for you to sit back, and relax in your new home spa.