The Most Inspiring Architecture in NYC

December 5th, 2018

This great town boasts more impressive and inspiring architecture than anywhere else in the world. That's probably why so many movies, books, and other artworks are created here. It's easy to feel inspired when you're surrounded by the energy of New York City. We here, at Stonehenge NYC, are in the real estate business, which means we love NYC architecture. This blog post is a tribute to the most inspiring NYC architecture that's right outside your door. Bethesda Terrace: shutterstock_1016485267 Central Park is filled with gorgeous views, but perhaps none is more breathtaking than Bethesda Terrace. Grand staircases and sweeping walkways constructed of Roman brick, sandstone, and granite create a cavern of solitude in the park. You'll find artists, opera singers, and an even an iconic angel nearby. The Oculus: shutterstock_735631876 As the tallest building in the city, One World Trade Center is a pretty amazing bit of architecture, which means it totally overshadows its weird little brother; The Oculus. This spiky piece of futuristic construction is a train station, plaza, and shopping mall all tied into one. It also feels like you're walking into an alien spaceship, which is pretty cool. Saint Patrick's Cathedral: shutterstock_524354338 New York's best architecture isn't all modern. The neo-gothic masterpiece that is Saint Patrick's Cathedral has stood proudly in NYC for more than a century. Even if you're not interested in the religious aspects, it's worth checking out for its history and gorgeous construction. From the stained glass to the impressive organs, there's a ton to appreciate. Grand Central Terminal: shutterstock_1021240087 Is there anywhere more grand than Grand Central Terminal? Millions of people commute through here every day and it still looks like a palace. Giant windows, celestial ceilings, and a very expensive clock make this a transit center above all others. Grand Central Terminal also has a pretty interesting and expansive history, much of which is covered on the Stonehenge NYC blog. Check it out!  The Brooklyn Bridge: shutterstock_664552774 There are a lot of big bridges around Manhattan Island, and they all look pretty cool. Still, nothing can match the solid, old-school design of the Brooklyn Bridge. Back when this monstrosity was constructed, its engineers weren't sure how sturdy they needed to make a suspension bridge. They kind of overdid it, and the bridge still remains open for business. Read all about it here.  Flatiron Building: shutterstock_510468640 How do you know you've made it? A corner office in the Flatiron Building is a good start. Though it's not considered particularly tall these days, this wedge-shaped edifice was actually one of the original skyscrapers. It made a big splash when it was first built, and is still beloved for its revolutionary architecture and timeless design. Metropolitan Museum of Art: shutterstock_560354767 There is probably no other building in the world with more stunningly diverse architecture than The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Beneath towering roofs and tremendous pillars, you'll come face to face with some of the greatest works of art known to man. If you had unlimited money and wanted to build the mansion to end all mansions, The Met is probably what you'd come up with. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: shutterstock_746014219 The Guggenheim stands apart from most NYC buildings in the best way possible. Its look is both playful and dignified and hints at the wonders contained within. This brainchild of legendary architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, is a true tribute to both NYC and the genius artists and creators who have passed through it. Get lost on spiral ramps beneath domed ceilings as you explore some of the world's finest creations.