The Best Spooky Attractions in NYC

October 24th, 2018

Halloween is almost here! Soon, ghosts, goblins, ghouls and other frightful creatures will stalk the streets of NYC in search of sugar and fun. In celebration of the season, haunted houses and spooky attractions across the city open their doors and invite you to step inside. Are you brave enough to face the mind-bending monstrosities contained within? Of course you are. Stonehenge NYC is here to make sure you don't miss the best spooky attractions in NYC. The Nightmare Machine: Love Halloween but hate gross-outs and gore? The Nightmare Machine should be on the top of your list. This attraction eschews typical haunted house fare in favor of something a bit more calculated and sophisticated. shutterstock_1159270753 There will be fewer psychos with chainsaws and more fun photo ops, but you should still plan for a few legit frights. The Nightmare Machine aims to push your buttons and play up your phobias, all while keeping the experience suitably light. These freakouts aren't just visual--they're tactile as well. You may find yourself pushing your personal boundaries in ways you didn't expect. Despite it's less-intense nature, The Nightmare Machine only allows those 18 and up. The Other Side: If you think we live in strange times now, you probably haven't researched the Victorian Era. Back then, a group of mysterious weirdos known as ‘spiritualists’ claimed that they had found a way to speak to the dead. They held seances in candle-lit rooms; hands linked, minds open. Through the power of collective concentration, they believed that they could open doors to the unknown realms of the spirit world. shutterstock_227270593 As time went on, spiritualism was criticized and debunked causing seances to fall out of favor.  These days you only encounter them in old bookies and horror movies. But in 2017, renowned mentalist Jason Suran is brought it back in a big way. The Other Side was billed as a “microtheatre” experience in which several lucky (or unlucky) audience members engage in a hair-raising sensory experience.  Missed it last year? Fear not. It's back for another year! You will journey to a secret residence in Williamsburg and be united with the unknown and the arcane. If that sounds a bit stressful, don't worry. There will be a cocktail break.  Blood Manor: Blood Manor is located on the 2nd floor of a Manhattan office building, which kind of means it's not truly a manor house. The blood part of the name? Yeah, that's accurate. Dare to enter it’s shadowy depths and you will feel your blood run cold. Within its 5000 square feet of labyrinthine, twisting corridors you will face horrors untold. shutterstock_1095387911 Blood Manor stays on the cutting edge of the haunted house scene by constantly innovating. This is not a place where the whole family can have fun. It’s a haunted house that’s designed to scare grown ups, so anyone under the age of 14 isn’t allowed.  Blood Manor warns it’s patrons not to wear any white expensive clothing, which means there’s a good chance you’re going to get splattered with something. Don't worry...this stage blood is water soluble. We think that’s a good sign. Blood Manor is so frightening that they’ve installed emergency exits if things get to intense. Check it out and you’ll float too. Gravesend Inn: It can be hard to find a decent hotel in this town. Peruse Yelp reviews and you’ll read terrifying tales of bad room service, creeping critters, and overpriced entrees. Good thing you rent an awesome apartment from Stonehenge NYC. shutterstock_310825877 Still, if you're looking for a change of scenery Gravesend Inn is an excellent option. Aside from a rather large infestation of terrifying ghosts, it’s a great place to stay. Gravesend Inn is the perfect place to go if more adult oriented haunted houses are a little too intense for you. They recommend no one younger than ten enter, but they also say that some younger kids might enjoy the experience too. We trust your judgement. Gravesend Inn innovates on the haunted house experience by bringing tech into the forefront. This a pop-up theatrical experience feels more like a theme park than a slap-dash haunted cash grab. You won't believe your eyes!