The Best Cookies in NYC

March 20th, 2018

New Yorkers love their bakeries. From bagels to muffins to cupcakes, we can’t get enough of delicious baked goods. The cookie reigns supreme over the baked goods kingdom. They aren’t healthy, or even particularly complicated to prepare, but nobody--nobody--hates cookies. Sure, you could order a mediocre cookie from Panera or Starbucks, but wouldn’t you rather eat the very best cookies made in NYC? Cookies baked with so much love and care, your mouth waters at the very thought of them? These are the works of the most passionate cookie creators in our city, and probably one of the best things you’ve ever tasted. These are the best cookies in New York City.

Chip NYC

How do you know a bakery sells great cookies? Well, if it’s got a line snaking out the front door at all times, that would be a clue. Chip NYC serves only two things: coffee and cookies. And if the heavenly scent wafting out onto the street doesn’t draw you inside we don’t know what will. This Astoria-based cookie heaven was founded with a simple dream: to recreate the nostalgically delicious taste of childhood cookies. These cookies are just like mom used to make, but about three times the size! One bite will convince you that the folks at Chip NYC have some kind of baking magic in their fingers. They use the highest quality ingredients, baked with the utmost care to create a truly transcendent cookie experience. Devour them while they’re still warm. Chip+New+York+City

Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery was built on cookies. In 1994 two friends set out out on a simple mission: to create the absolute best chocolate chip cookie in the entire world. We’re pretty certain they succeeded in their mission, as Levain is one of the most popular bakeries in all the city these days. Amongst cookie lovers, Levain is all the rage, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Aside from their groundbreaking chocolate chip cookie, they sell an unparalleled assortment of decadent cookies and baked goods. Sink your teeth into one of their oatmeal raisin cookies, and you’ll realize that it tastes way better than an oatmeal raisin cookie has any right to be. They’re so popular, in fact, that it can be really hard to to get your foot in the door. Thankfully, the folks at Levain have installed a webcam in their store to livestream the cookie line. Craving cookies but don’t feel like standing in line? Just keep an eye on the livestream! LevainBakeryChocolateChipCookieRecipe16ed

Butter and Scotch

No matter the age, everybody loves cookies. Some people enjoy their cookies on their own. Or with a warm mug of coffee or hot chocolate. Butter and Scotch is hoping to introduce you to a whole new way to enjoy baked sweets: with a alcoholic cocktail. According to their website, Butter and Scotch is a kind of adult Disneyland. On the surface, it’s a regular old bar. Look even a centimeter beneath the surface and you’ll realize it’s also a wonderland of sweets and delicious eats. This all-female team invites you to munch on decadent cookies while they pour you a festive handmade cocktail. Sure, we can’t think of a more unhealthy way to spend your time, but who cares? Bring your friends. Drink, eat, and be happy. image


Ovenly is heavenly in a way that only a Brooklyn bakery can be. They’re not content to bake the same old recipes all day long. They’re constantly innovating, adventuring in the a new realm of baked bliss. Their unprecedented flavor combinations create unexpectedly satisfying treats. From currant rosemary scones to black caraway-chocolate shortbread, there’s seemingly no recipe they can’t pull off. This truly is the cutting edge of baking. Since it’s cookies we’re after, we recommend you try their chewy ginger-molasses cookie. Bite into this incredible cookie and you’ll become a lifetime regular at Ovenly. They’ve even got great options for those of us who are gluten free with an adventurous palate. One bite of their pistachio agave cookie will prove to anyone that a gluten-free cookie can be the best thing on the menu. Ovenly_Ecommerce_9.3.16_Caviar_Top_Cropped_72dpi-17