The Best Beer Gardens in NYC

September 17th, 2018

This Wednesday, we’re hosting a party. We’re bringing the beer garden experience to the rooftop of the Ritz. There will be great food, music, and of course, beer. We hope to see you there! In honor of our Rooftop Beer Garden, today’s blog post is all about the best beer gardens in NYC! Radegast Hall: No, Radegast isn’t just an obscure Tolkien character, it’s also one of Williamsburg's most popular beer gardens. The folks at Radegast promise to transport you to the heart of Europe as you sample brews and eats from across pond. The communal seating gives it that old town hall feel that we assume was a big thing in old-timey Europe while live music adds to the festive vibe. Radegast is also a great place for events. Heck, you could even get married in this beer garden. shutterstock_289559648 Loreley NYC: This Lower East Side beer garden is modelled after the world-famous "Brauhaus" in Cologne. Like many beer gardens, Loreley is german to the core, especially where their food is concerned. Loreley is a fantastic place to try a wide variety of german beers paired with bratwursts, sauerkraut and even German pretzels. Even better, their heated outdoor areas mean you can enjoy their brews no matter what time of year it is. shutterstock_94653856 Bohemian Hall: We’ve mentioned Bohemian Hall several times in our blog, so constant readers are no doubt already familiar. This ultra-historical spot draws massive crowds all summer long. It’s not just a great place for food and drink though. Visitors will experience live music, wine tastings and raffle games. There’s a reason this great place has stood for so long. It’s totally worth the trip into Queens. shutterstock_686818270 Zum Schneider: Alphabet City is home to the incredible Zum Schneider Beer Garden. As with most Beer Gardens, this is a massive spot that offers a huge variety of of delectable eats. However, Zum Schneider stands apart by offering a selection of vegan and vegetarian options not typically found in establishments of this type. It’s a Bavarian Beer Garden that truly caters to everyone. shutterstock_195005399 Haven Rooftop Beer Garden: Most Beer Gardens are located on the first floor, where the garden can sprawl far and wide, but there is a price to that, especially in NYC. We live in a city with unmatched sweeping views and an iconic skyline that are best enjoyed from a higher floor. The Haven Rooftop Beer Garden stands proudly on top of the Sanctuary hotel, visible from the Ritz Plaza Rooftop. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a NYC Beer Garden without sacrificing the iconic views. Don’t worry, even if you’re not staying at the hotel, you can easily nab reservations at this awesome spot. shutterstock_309691508 Bierstrasse Harlem Beer Garden: Harlem is a place of hidden gems, and that definitely includes the Bierstrasse Beer Garden. You might be tempted to spend your time only in local beer gardens but you’d be missing out.  It’s (admittedly strange) location under the 12th Avenue viaduct gives patrons impressive views of the Hudson River. With multiple levels and massive platters of German cuisine available at a moments notice, it’s the perfect place to bring a whole bunch of your friends. shutterstock_1033564159 Threes Brewing: Beer Gardens are a great place to sample a wide selection of classic brews, but they often fall short when it comes to new experimental brews. If you’re looking for a spot to discover a brew that’s both rare and delicious, a trip to Threes Brewing just might be in order. Threes isn’t just a Beer Garden, they’re also a brewery. That means you’ll be the first to try their fresh and unique brews--for better or for worse. If their reputation means anything, the beer is destined to be pretty darned good. They’ve been very successful with two locations in Brooklyn already. We can only hope they’ll open a spot in Manhattan soon! shutterstock_605926250