10 Fantastic Summer Dates

June 13th, 2018

Ah, summer; the perfect time to find love. Maybe you just met somebody special? Maybe you’re planning to? Perhaps you just want to rekindle a long term relationship. A great date is the absolute best way to keep romance strong in your life. Whether you’re looking for a date that’s classy, romantic, dangerous, or just plain fun you’re definitely in the right place. Stonehenge is here to help with ten amazing date ideas to fit any personality! The Alamo Drafthouse: shutterstock_97910219 Show your date the best way to appreciate cinema. With food, drink, and (most importantly) silence. The Alamo Drafthouse stands above all other theaters due to a strict policy against talking and using your cell phone. The viewing experience is enhanced with mountains of beer, burgers, shakes and other incredibly unhealthy treats. The Alamo Drafthouse is the best place to truly enjoy movies. Just make sure that your date is okay with 2 hours of zero conversation. SpongeBob SquarePants on Broadway: shutterstock_1040972062 SpongeBob has moved from his pineapple home under the sea to Broadway. If you’re looking for a date that’s heaps of goofy fun, the SpongeBob SquarePants musical just might be what you’re looking for. With tons of great music, and now even a Tony award, it’s impossible to argue that this show is just for kids! This highly innovative show will thrill and delight your date--provided they’re into silly stuff. The Metropolitan Opera-Summer Series: shutterstock_81115720 There’s no need to put on your Sunday best and spend a pretty penny if you’re looking for a sophisticated date. During the summer, The Metropolitan Opera travels to parks across the 5 boroughs for a series of free outdoor recitals. You and your date will enjoy nice weather, fine art and masterful performances. Even better, if you get bored you can sneak out without anyone noticing!     The Clipper City: shutterstock_53311567 The age of sail inspires visions of snapping canvas, booming cannons, creaking hulls and most importantly--romance. There’s just something about the high seas that brings out the soulful side in all of us. Take your date aboard a genuine old-timey clipper ship for the sailing experience of a lifetime. You’ll take in the skyline, enjoy the summer breeze, and glide past the statue of liberty. There’s no place better than the deck of a clipper to steal a kiss. Summer Swimming: shutterstock_495885538 NYC’s waterways may not be safe for swimming, but it’s public pools sure are. As the weather heats up, a dip in one of NYC’s many public pools is the perfect way to cool down. It’s also a great way to show your date how good you look in swimwear! There are dozens of massive pools across the city, but try to go when they’re the least busy. During hot weather NYC pools can get crowded quickly! The Sketchbook Project: shutterstock_212537599 Is your date an artsy type? If so, you’re doubtless looking for a creative and clever way to spend time with them! The Sketchbook Project grants you and your significant other an incredible artistic outlet, courtesy of the Brooklyn Art Library. You’ll grow closer to your date as you sketch, color, and create to your heart's content. When you’re finished, you’ll submit the sketchbook and your mutual creation will have a permanent home in their library. Your artwork will be on their shelves forever--even if your relationship doesn’t last that long. The Ritz Rooftop: thumb-1874-property-details-The-Ritz-Plaza-New-York-Midtown-West-Apartments-for-Rent-1 It’s hard to find a better view of Manhattan than you will on a cool summer evening atop the Ritz Plaza. With magnificent views of the city and the Hudson River all around you, you’ll begin to appreciate the city in a whole new way. Kick back for a chat on our comfy couches, enjoy a glass of wine, or attend one of our many events. Show your date that you really know how to live! Westside Range: shutterstock_261620294 Sling lead with your date at the Westside range and prove that you’re a New Yorker unlike any other. It doesn’t matter if you’re a firearms expert or an unlicensed novice, the folks at Westside range will show you and your date what to do--and most importantly-- how to do it safely. This is a date idea reserved only for those who you’re totally sure are okay with blasting away with a dangerous weapon. Make sure your date feels safe and secure about guns before you spring this one on them! Central Park Boathouse: shutterstock_266045645 Look, we know it’s a cliche romantic idea, but it’s a cliche for a reason. There’s nothing more lovey-dovey than hopping aboard a small boat and taking charge of the oars. You and your date will chat, enjoy idyllic views, and be awkwardly watched by passer-bys as you languidly row your way around the waterways of Central Park. When you’re done you can hit up the outside bar or the cafe for drinks and excellent eats. Chelsea Piers: shutterstock_131459540 Perhaps your date is more of an active type?  Chelsea Piers is the perfect spot for athletic challenges and sporty good times. There seems to be absolutely no limit to the range of activities to enjoy with your date. Climb rocks, play dodgeball, go ice-skating, or tighten up your golf skills at this wonderland of fun. Chelsea Piers is where New Yorkers go to play.