Summer Festival Fun

May 16th, 2018

New York City has everything….except Coachella. If you didn’t make the trek out to the Colorado desert for the world’s most popular music festival, you’re in good company. Many New Yorkers are too busy and too in-love with their city to ditch town for some festival fun. Here’s a secret for you: New York City is home to multiple incredible festivals. Musical and otherwise. They may not have the fame of festivals out west but they definitely have all the fun. It’s true--you don’t have to go far to find the hypnotic, pulse pounding festival experience that is craved by so many. Stonehenge is here to hook you up with the inside scoop on NYC’s most extravagant and awesome summer festivals. The Governor’s Ball: Some say the heart of a city is in it’s music and if that’s true then the Governor’s Ball says a lot about New York City. The incredible music experience that is Governor’s Ball has been going strong for eight years now. It’s founders were some of the first to see that New York deserved a legit contemporary music festival. It doesn’t matter what your favorite band is, what your favorite genre is, or even what your mood is; the Governor’s Ball has something you’ll like. With a staggering 60 plus bands playing across four stages, there will truly be an insane amount of music playing. Some fan favorites include Eminem, Shawn Mendes and Post Malone. Is great music not enough to tempt you out to Randall's Island? Well then, perhaps you’ll be enticed by the delicious food. The Ball brings in the very best eats from across the five boroughs to feed hungry festival goers. It’s a personal challenge not to gorge oneself on samples of all the top-notch food from NYC’s best restaurants and food trucks. When the music is finally over, dive into their wide selection of fun activities including mini golf, silent discos, interactive photo booths, life-size board games, and countless other unique outdoor activities. This ball really is...well...a ball! shutterstock_652846339 Full Moon Festival: Sure, the Full Moon Festival sounds like something that would attract werewolves, witches, and vampires--but it’s not Halloween yet! This is a summer festival so it’s nothing but good times. Full Moon Fest seems to jump to a new NYC location each summer, but that hasn’t stopped New Yorkers from eagarly chasing after it. This year you’ll need to make the trip to Queens, but thankfully the festival grounds are only a 20-minute walk from the L train. It’s well worth the Uber. This festival was inspired by legendary all-night parties on the Thai island of Koh Phangan. Revelers at Full Moon routinely stay up all night jamming to cutting edge hip-hop and dance music. The Full Moon festival also features groundbreaking art, refreshing cocktails, and a devastatingly chic crowd. If you want to party with the high rollers and cool cats this summer, Full Moon is the place to be. shutterstock_345234086 Panorama NYC: As music festivals grow in popularity, their organizers are constantly searching for new ways to wow people. Flashing lights, crazy holographic projections, and all-new spectacles seem to pop up at each and every one. The Panorama NYC festival is one such event, and it just might be the most cutting edge of the bunch. Panorama features The Lab,  which combines technology, artistry, and design into one mind-blowing interactive experience. It’s a beautiful fusion of art, all of which has been created by local New York City artists. This 360 degree virtual theatre will immerse you in ways you can’t even imagine. It truly is the heart of the festival. Like the very best music festivals, Panorama also features a wide variety of food and drinks--they even have vegan fare. Expect to enjoy mostly mainstream musical fair including rock, indie, hip-hop and even some rap. With performances by The Weekend, Janet Jackson and The Killers, you’re guaranteed to see stars and have a great time. shutterstock_31703119 Summerstage: As far as scope and accessibility goes, it’s hard to beat the Summerstage festival. This seemingly endless festival takes place primarily in NYC parks and features so many acts and shows that we can’t even begin to name them all. This summer-long event is the keystone in the City Parks Foundation’s mission to create a vibrant and healthy urban community. On any given day of the festival you can experience not only live music, but dance and theatrical performances too. Electronic Music not your thing? No worries--they’ve got a Jazz festivals alongside Shakespearean performances. Summerstage is perfect for families. No matter which NYC park you live near, there’s bound to be a show that’s fun for the whole family. Ethnic dance, spoken word poetry and even puppet shows await. Check out their website--you’ll definitely find something that interests you. shutterstock_643721197