We’re living in uncertain times. It seems impossible to look at your phone without reading another grim headline. But even in the darkest of times, there are great things happening in the world. People are giving back, helping out, and showing the world how good people can be.

Stonehenge NYC invites you to take a break from the negative headlines and spend a few minutes reading these positive stories. We’ll keep your spirits up, even when we’re all locked down.

Celebrities Give Back:

What’s the best part about being famous? The money? The fans? Who knows? But in the wake of recent events, a lot of famous people are giving back to the world. Tyler Perry did it by paying the grocery bills of senior shoppers at 44 Krogers and 29 Winn-Dixies in his home state. That’s quite a grocery bill!

The musician Pink didn’t let catching COVID-19 get her down. She promptly donated 1 million dollars to research. Rhianna donated 5 times as much to New York City food banks. Arnold Schwarzenegger donated a million bucks and delivered 50,000 masks to hospitals in need. Whether you’re a fan of these celebs or not, it’s hard not to appreciate them right now.

Students Lend A Hand:

Due to the higher risks they face, our beloved senior citizens are stuck inside. Even going out to get basic necessities is dangerous. Luckily, the younger generations are here to help. College students Liam Elkind and Simone Policano started a movement to deliver food and medicine to senior citizens across their neighborhoods.

In three days, their small but noble effort grew beyond their wildest imaginations. In no time, they’d amassed an army of 1,300 volunteers. They don’t just provide food and medicine. They’re sometimes the only opportunity for human contact some senior citizens have right now. Want to help out? Visit https://www.invisiblehandsdeliver.com/

Yale Offers a Very Helpful Course--for Free:

Got some spare time on your hands right now? Maybe you should set aside some time and attend Yale. We’re serious. The Ivy League University is currently offering a number of free courses online for absolutely free. One of the most popular ones is “The Science of Well Being”.

What exactly does this course cover? It’s a helpful guide to setting up one's life in a satisfying way. Let’s be honest: we all have aspects of our life that we’d like to improve in some way. This amazing class is the perfect place to start. This psychological approach to happiness will boost creativity, improve productiveness, and help you uncover what makes you truly happy. Even better, once you’re finished you can say you attended Yale. There’s no better time than right now to start working on yourself! You can sign up right here: https://www.coursera.org/learn/the-science-of-well-being

Dogs Got Way Popular:

Dogs were already in the top two most popular pets, especially here in NYC. It’s no secret that we here at Stonehenge NYC love them. They just got another huge boost in popularity. As NYC faced shortages of all manner of medical equipment in recent months there was one shortage that folks totally didn’t expect. We’re not talking about toilet paper and hand sanitizer. We’re talking about man’s best friend. There is currently a dog shortage.

Local New York City shelters have reported a massive increase in dog adoptions, leading to a scarcity of adoptable doggies. That means that countless animals have found a good home and are keeping their humans company during these strange times. Cats, though slightly less popular, have also seen an increase in adoptions. Still, we think they’re great pets too! If you’re feeling lonely and thinking about adopting, start looking for your new best friend right away!