Stonehenge NYC Winter Survival Guide

October 31st, 2018

As Aristotle once said: "To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold." When winter comes to New York City, there’s a lot to love, but it pays to be prepared. As streets turn icy and snow begins to fall, you’ll want to be ready to face the harsh New York Winter. Stonehenge has got your back with a handy NYC winter survival guide. Follow these tips and you’re sure to stay dry, warm, and cheerful no matter how nasty the weather becomes. Footwear is Key: Yes, you look amazing in those heels. No, they won’t keep you warm in the winter when NYC becomes a minefield of curbside slush puddles. Stepping into one of those while wearing anything but heavy-duty waterproof boots is a recipe for misery and possibly even frostbite. shutterstock_523951729 Before the weather becomes truly miserable, prepare yourself and purchase a different pair of boots. Something with good traction that’s warm, and water resistant is all you need. You can always pack your heels or dress shoes and swap them on when you get to the office. Alternate NYC Winter Footwear Idea: Instead of trekking through the snow, hop in an Uber and zip off to your closest bowling alley. Kick off your snow boots and step into some bowling shoes. It’s a great way to pass the time while the snowstorm rages outside. Plus, most bowling alleys have food and drink! Be a Winter Ogre: As Shrek once observed, “Ogres are like onions. They have layers.” And when in comes to cold NYC weather, so should you. A normal winter workday for the average New Yorker demands a flexible wardrobe. One moment, you’re freezing to death on a subway platform, the next you’re squeezed into the suffocatingly hot confines of a crowded subway car. shutterstock_521806999 Build your wardrobe in such a way that you can quickly and easily remove layers as needed. A dressy coat may look nice, but it’s not going to be as warm as one of those puffy down-filled coats. You can have it both ways by layering a sweater, and maybe even a puffy vest underneath. If you’re wearing a skirt, make sure you also put on some serious leggings. Finally, everyone--except maybe those wearing a turtleneck--should be wearing a scarf. Alternate NYC Winter Ogre Idea: Stay in your apartment and watch every single Shrek movie. There are four Shrek movies. FOUR. Once you’ve watched them you can start on the Puss in Boots spin off series. Protect Your Ears: You may not look all that fashionable wearing a giant winter hat, but it’s worth it. When temperatures are freezing, you lose 50% of your body heat through your head. Yes, it will mess up your hairdo and maybe you’ll feel a bit dorky, but at least you’ll be warm! shutterstock_537045664 Alternate Ear Protection Idea: Instead of wearing a hat, invest in a hefty pair of headphones. Many over-ear headphones will actually keep your ears super warm. You’ll stay cozy and keep the tunes flowing all winter long--just be sure to keep them dry. Hope for the Best, But… You might be tempted to spend the entire winter nestled in the comfort of your awesome Stonehenge NYC apartment but you can only order out for food so many times! Steps should be taken to make sure you can live comfortably if the winter weather gets really nasty. shutterstock_705175807 When everything freezes and the subways shut down and the streets are blocked with snow, most grocery stores and delivery places will close. Be sure to stock up on canned food and other essentials long before you start hearing rumors of the next Hurricane Sandy. Paper towels, toilet paper, bottled water, snacks, and personal toiletries are all things you don’t want to be out of in a pinch. Alternate NYC Sanctuary Idea: Your apartment isn’t your only sanctuary when weather turns fierce. Find a cozy coffee shop, bar, or restaurant near you and make it your winter hideout. When the snow is falling, this will be your place to enjoy a drink and soak up the friendly atmosphere. Explore the Wonderland: New York City has the most gorgeous parks in the world, and they’re kind of great in the winter. When Central Park’s pathways are clogged with snow, it becomes a heck of a lot less popular. Anyone willing to trudge into it’s unplowed depths will discover a magical wonderland of snow covered trees and frozen lakes. It’s not often you see Central Park so desolate or so beautiful. Grab a warm beverage and check it out! shutterstock_748816309 Alternate NYC Wonderland Idea: Deal with it. Short of leaving town when the weather gets frosty, there’s nothing more New York than just gritting your teeth and bearing it. We New Yorkers have a tough reputation for a reason. It may not be a warm wonderland all the time, but it is New York City and you sure can’t beat that.