The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time to start buying gifts for friends and family--assuming you haven’t already started! That said, choosing the right gift for the right person can be tricky. We here at Stonehenge NYC are here to help.

Sometimes the easiest way to pick a holiday gift is to just go through a bunch of suggestions. That’s what this blog post series is all about. 

Still haven’t found what your gift for mom? Start here! 

Fitness Mirror:

2020 has certainly not been a big year for getting out and getting active, so it makes sense that Mom might be feeling a bit sedentary these days. If she’s tired of sitting around and wants to get back in the gym, hook her up with this high-tech fitness mirror. This smart Mirror will connect her with trainers and friends, help her set goals, and allow her to workout any time she pleases, no matter how limited her space might be.

Kobo eReader:

While the Kindle certainly dominates the eReader market, there are some solid reasons to look elsewhere in the market. Enter the Kobo. Unlike the Kindle, the Kobo can read any type of eBook file. The Kobo also beats the Kindle with a low-glare screen, higher text resolutions, and most importantly a comfortable lighting system that negates blue light.  That means Mom can read late into the night, without the blue light keeping her up when she decides to finally turn in. 

Weighted Blanket:

Who doesn’t enjoy a good nap? If you mom is like ours, an afternoon nap is one of her favorite parts of the day. But how do you enhance the already relaxing napping experience? With a weighted blanket, that’s how. A weighted blanket is a natural way to calm your body and improve comfort. Sure, it sounds weird, but once she tries a weighted blanket Mom will wonder how she ever slept without one!

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle:

If your Mom enjoys a sweet drink but wants to cut back on the calories, then this fruit infuser water bottle is the gift she didn’t know she wanted. She can simply fill it with her favorite fruits and enjoy a natural, subtly refreshing sip of water any time. It’s perfect for workouts or just hanging around the house, and it’s even dishwasher safe!

Pet Camera:

If your Mom loves her four legged friend, there’s a good chance she hates leaving the dog or cat alone when she’s out. This pet camera is the perfect solution. It allows her to keep an eye on her fuzzy friend no matter where she is. It comes with night vision and the ability to speak through the camera. Not only that but it can be used to dispense treats. This is one of the best pet cameras on the market and Mom and pet alike will love it!

Essential Oil Diffuser:

Does mom love essential oils and scented candles? If so, she can’t go without a diffuser. These simple little devices are a must-have for any Mom who wants to liven up her home with soothing natural scents. They’re perfect for bath time, bed time, and just about any other time when Mom feels the need to relax and unwind.

Birchbox Subscription:

There are few moms who don’t enjoy beauty products which is why the Birchbox is such a perfect gift. This monthly subscription box delivers a personalized box of beauty goodies right to Mom’s door. She’ll fill out a survey of products that she already likes, and the good folks at Birchbox will send her new stuff that she might enjoy. Anything she really likes she can order more of directly from Birchbox.

Gardening Tool Kit:

If your Mom has a green thumb and a thriving garden, chances are she’s been gardening for a long time. That means her current tools are probably pretty old and perhaps even a bit degraded. It’s time for an upgrade! Hook her up with this excellent set of gardening tools and she’ll be planting and harvesting even more than usual! Too bad she’ll have to wait til spring to use them.

Spa Day:

Mom works hard so it’s always a good idea to give her a little R&R. Everybody loves a day at the spa so why not give her an entire day at her favorite spa? A massage, a facial, and some time in a tanning booth are just what she needs to improve her mood and forget her troubles. You can even make it a family affair and join her, assuming she doesn’t want the day off from her kids!

Family Photo Shoot:

There are few Mothers in the world who don’t want more pictures of their darling family. Why not set up a holiday photo shoot for the whole family? Hire a professional photographer and get some really nice pics of the whole family. Pick a few of your favorites and have them framed for Mom. They’ll also be a great addition to this year's holiday cards. Just be sure to social distance!