The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time to start buying gifts for friends and family--assuming you haven’t already started! That said, choosing the right gift for the right person can be tricky. We here at Stonehenge NYC are here to help.

Sometimes the easiest way to pick a holiday gift is to just go through a bunch of suggestions. That’s what this blog post series is all about. 

Let’s start with Dad. He’s the man of the house, your old man, and probably a big softy. No matter who your Dad is, he’ll probably like one of these great gift ideas!

Audible Subscription:

Dad works hard to put food on the table, which means he doesn’t always have time to read his favorite books. Luckily, Audible is an app from the folks at Amazon that allows him to listen to his favorite books while driving, working out, or just chilling on his day off.  Hook him  up with an Audible subscription and he’ll never be without entertainment.

Darn Tough Socks:

A solid pair of socks will last your Dad a heck of a lot longer than the cheap ones he’s wearing right now. When it comes to comfort and durability no other company can compete with Darn Tough. They sell socks for any occasion and they’re guaranteed for life. That’s right. For life. With the right washing schedule Dad will never have to buy another pair of socks.

Flaviar Subscription:

Some Dads like to relax at the end of the day with a fine scotch or bourbon on the rocks. Chances are they even have their favorite drink. But if he's fond of tasting new and exciting liquors, a Flaviar Subscription should wet his whistle nicely. Flaviar sends a new collection of spirit samples right to Dad’s door every month. He just might discover his next favorite drink!

Tiege Hanley Skincare for Men:

Chances are your Dad is a bit older, a bit stressed, and possibly showing a some of his age. That’s to be expected after decades of life and raising kids, no matter how stress free he thinks he is. If he’s not doing it already, it’s time for him to take care of his skin. Tiege Hanley is a simple skincare kit for men. It’ll keep him looking distinguished for longer, and he doesn’t have to put any effort into it.

NPR Coffee Club:

The folks at National Public Radio aren’t just news and talk radio. They’ve also got a very popular coffee club. If your dad drinks pot after pot of caffeinated black goodness, chances are he needs all the beans he can get! Hook him up with a coffee club subscription and he’ll never run out of his favorite drug.

Filson Mackinaw Cruiser:

Is your Dad the outdoorsy type? Is he more at home chopping logs and framing houses than he is reading spreadsheets and wearing suits? If so, the Filson Mackinaw Cruiser is the ultimate outdoorsman's gift just for him. These coats aren’t just insanely warm, water-repellant, and durable. They’ve got a history that goes all the way back to the lumberjacks who helped build this country and a pedigree that no other coat on the market can match. They’re also guaranteed for life.

Global Chef’s Knife:

A dull knife is more likely to injure it’s user than a sharp knife, which is why having the right knife for your kitchen is so important. If Dad enjoys puttering around the kitchen but is still using a dull, cheap knife, it’s time for an upgrade. Don’t just buy him any old knife. Get him a professional grade knife. The Global Chef’s Knife was a favorite of the late, great Anthony Bourdain, why not start there?

Garmin fenix 6 Running Watch:

There’s no easier way for a Dad to stay fit than for him to work running into his schedule. Tracking your run, however, isn’t always easy. That’s why a good running watch is a key piece of the modern runner’s arsenal. If Dad isn't rocking a running watch yet, why not hook him up with one of the best on the market? The fenix 6 is waterproof, solar powered, and so packed with features it’s basically from the future.

Doggie DNA Test:

Is Dad’s best friend the family dog? We can't blame him. If he’s in love with the pooch, chances are he’d like to know more about his four legged friend, especially if you adopted a mutt rather than a purebred. These days, through the power of science, you can actually test your dog’s DNA to learn all about his genetic history. Like a bone in the backyard, you just might be surprised what breeds you find buried in your favorite pup’s genes. 

Cubi Pro Under Desk Elliptical:

Does Dad spend too much time sitting at his desk? That’s understandable, if not terribly healthy. If your Dad keeps forgetting to take his regular standing breaks from his work, consider getting him an under desk elliptical. These little pedals will allow him to keep his legs moving and his blood flowing, while remaining productive. Every little bit of exercise counts!