Applications for our inaugural Still Standing Artist Residency are live! We've extended the deadline until January 10th, and are overwhelmed by the talent we've seen so far. Before you hit send on that application, you'll want to make sure you have everything needed for the submission. Unfortunately, we can't accept incomplete or late applications, so mark your calendars and read on for further details.

What do I need to include with my residency submission?
  1. The Application -- We'll need you to complete the application itself. It covers all the basics. We prefer it in adobe pdf form. Otherwise, you can print it out, write in the answers, and submit a scanned copy. (Old school, we know -- but it works!)
  2. The Personal Statement -- This is a two-part essay, that lets us get to know you and your work. Details are in the application outline. This is an opportunity to share your story and creative vision selection committee.
  3. The Art Submission -- This is your chance to give us a taste of what you would create during the Still Standing residency. Submissions must be under 3 minutes for audio/visual work, or 5 images, or 1,000 words. Other than those guidelines, get creative with the prompt! Please submit your work in a downloadable format -- this is particularly key for audio/visual pieces. And while many of you are multi-talented, we can only accept one art submission per applicant.
  4. Two Professional References -- Send along the full name, contact information, and relationship to two professional references. Letters of recommendation are welcome, but certainly not required.
  5. Your Resume -- This is our chance to learn a bit more about your work as an artist. But remember, the Still Standing residency is for emerging and established artists alike. Don't sweat it if you're early-career, but please send along a resume so we can understand your creative journey.
Once you get all your submission materials together, send it along to While we prefer Google Drive -- Dropbox, or email attachments (downloadable) work well too. Please include your name and primary creative discipline in the subject, like this:
“Still Standing Application -- Jane Doe, Photography."

Follow @StonehengeNYC on instagram, facebook, and twitter for up-to-date information. If you have any questions regarding the Still Standing residency, or application process, please contact Taylor Lhamon at We look forward to your submissions.