Want to look fantastic? You’re not alone. Lots of men work out, eat right, and avoid drinking and smoking to stay looking great, but skincare is often overlooked. That’s a darn shame because skincare is one of the most important tools in our never-ending battle to look and feel amazing.

It’s understandable why this occurs. There are so many skincare products out there that it’s hard to know where to even start. Stonehenge NYC is here to simplify that process for you. We’ll tell you what to use, when and why to use it, and even suggest our favorite products. 

With a little effort, your skin will be looking and feeling as amazing as the rest of you.

Facial Cleanser:

Your day probably begins with a shower, and that’s where the facial cleanser comes in. Sure, you could be washing your face with just a bar of soap, but that will almost certainly strip away your face's natural oils. A good facial cleanser will clean your skin without removing too much of your natural oils. This will help you avoid pimples as well as dry skin.

Use your facial cleanser again in the evening before you go to bed. This will clear the oil and dirt that has built up over the day and leave your skin ready for your moisturizing night cream.

Stonehenge Recommends: Dove Men + Care Hydrate Face Wash

Exfoliating Scrub:

Got clogged pores on your face and nose? It’s one of the most common skincare annoyances in the world. Luckily, you can reduce or even eliminate clogged pores by using a simple exfoliating scrub. These scrubs have tiny beads or particles that act abrasively on your skin, clearing away icky stuff like dead skin cells and renewing your skin. You can use your exfoliating scrub in the morning shower, but don’t use it more than three times a week. Too much exfoliating can be harsh on your skin.

Stonehenge Recommends: Rugged & Dapper Daily Power Scrub

Morning Moisturizer:

Keeping your skin moisturized is an incredibly effective way to keep your skin looking incredible. If you do nothing else recommended in this blog post, you should at least pick up a basic moisturizing cream. We also highly recommend you use a moisturizer that has SPF so that your skin will be protected from sun damage. This is a ‘one-two punch’ of skin hydration and sun protection. Rubbing this stuff on your face should be your last skincare step before moving on with your day.

Stonehenge Recommends: PC4 MEN Daytime Protect

Eye Cream?

Dark circles. Laugh lines. Bags. Your eyes are a huge indicator of your age and overall health so maintaining the skin around them is a good idea. A great eye cream is usually somewhat expensive, which is why we consider it optional. However, there’s a reason people are willing to spend a lot of money on a good eye cream. Apply a bit of this once per day and it’ll firm up the skin around your eyes and reduce the appearance of dark circles. It’ll also slow the appearance of aging around your eyes, preventing you from looking like the crypt keeper too early in life. Is it worth it? Your call.

Stonehenge Recommends: Dr Loretta Tightening Eye Gel

Evening Moisturizer:

As you wind down for the evening you’ve got one final skincare cream to apply. An evening moisturizer does much the same thing as your morning one. However, evening moisturizers don’t contain SPF since you won’t be getting too much exposure to sunlight at night. Be sure to re-wash your face with your daily facial cleanser before applying. This moisturizer will keep working while you sleep. Hydrating and soothing your skin so you look fresh-faced and handsome when you wake up. 

Stonehenge Recommends: Burt’s Bees Intense Night-Time Hydration

Consistency is Key:

Feel free to experiment with products. You may find our recommendations don’t work with your skin type and that’s okay. We’re all unique, so our skincare routine should be unique too. Keep trying different options and pick the ones that give you the best result. Once you’ve locked down a basic skincare routine, all you have to do is maintain it. Simply make it part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth, bathing, and eating. 

When people start mentioning how great you look for your age, you can look back on this blog post and thank us.