September Monthly Round-Up

August 28th, 2018

September will hopefully bring cooler weather but even if it doesn’t, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for fun. The end of summer doesn’t mean that things slow down in NYC. There is still loads of exciting stuff to do! Circus Amok: Make your way to Socrates Sculpture Park and travel back in time to when the circus was the biggest and best show in town. This hilarious one-ring circus features jugglers, dancers, puppets, acrobats, and even some animals! (September 1st) NYC Unifest: Bikes are great, but unicycles are better! That superfluous wheel is just getting in your way, so it’s time to ride with only one. Show off your unicycle abilities or learn from the best at this always-fun fest. (September 1st-2nd) shutterstock_233990947 New York International Salsa Festival: No, this isn’t a festival about spicy sauce--it’s a festival about saucy dance. If you have a passion for dance, then the Salsa Festival is guaranteed to be a great time. (August 1st-September 3rd) Summer HD Festival: It’s time for you to catch up on all the great Opera you missed this year. The Summer HD festival is the Metropolitan Opera’s awesome effort to bring their performances to the masses in glorious HD. (Final shows are September 1st-3rd) Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit: The Village is known for its art, and the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit is a great place to find the best of it. Artists of all types will be there to show off and sell their beautiful wares. (September 1st-3rd and 8th-9th) shutterstock_731175979 US Open: Nab tickets to the tennis event of the year and enjoy athletic feats and high-level competition. Even if you don’t have tickets, you can still enjoy the games on your TV. (August 1st-9th) Generations of Jazz Festival: The Generations of Jazz Festival is one of the longest running music festivals in NYC. Clubs across the city will host fabulous musicians to take you back to a time when Jazz was king. (September 1st-30th) Brazilian Day: Every year, the people of New York City embrace the many Brazilians who live here, right in Times Square. There will be music, dance, food, and endless ways to have fun. Brazilian or not, you should check this one out. (September 2nd) shutterstock_1085103365 Ultimate Freedom Concert: Get naked. Enjoy music. Sounds crazy, right? That’s probably because it is. Still, there’s something weirdly 'New York' about a bunch of nudists holding a concert in the middle of Times Square. What’s not to love? (September 2nd) West Indian American Day Parade: Take Labor Day off or--even better--use it as a chance to celebrate West Indian Heritage. The West Indian American Day Parade has become hugely popular in the past few years. There's only one sure way to see what the fuss is all about. (September 3rd) Festival of New Trumpet Music: The trumpet is a old instrument, but there’s still great new music being written and performed for it all the time. FONT is an fun yearly celebration of the most groundbreaking creations by the masters of the trumpet. (September 5th-12th) shutterstock_1099526384 Fashion Week: NYC Fashion Week is the biggest and best time for fashion. Designers, models, and other glamourous sorts of people will be coming out in droves to show off and strut their stuff. If you’re a fashionista, you won’t want to miss out on this. (September 6th-14th) Brooklyn Clay Tour: Have you ever been interested in trying your hand at pottery? Well, it turns out there’s quite a pottery scene in Brooklyn, and their yearly clay expo is this month. Seize the moment and start sculpting! (September 7th-9th) NYC Labor Day Parade: Why doesn’t the Labor Day parade take place on Labor Day? Because it’s organizers want the day off too. So, check it out a week late. (September 8th) 1776 Peace Conference: Long ago, America fought a war with the British, which ended in the creation of our great country. The Historic Conference house celebrates the occasion each year on Staten Island. If you like history, this is for you. (September 8th) shutterstock_655565818 Mets Jam Music Festival: Love music. Love the Mets? Then this is your chance to experience them both at the same time. This free event features live music and your favorite baseball players right in Central Park. (September 9th) Washington Square Park Folk Festival: Bob Dylan came up right around the corner from Washington Square Park, so it makes sense the NYC folk festival is held there each year. If you love folksy tunes, you should definitely stop by. (Starts September 8th) Photoville: Does your love for photography extend beyond Instagramming pics of your coffee? Photoville is a Brooklyn based event that features expert photographers and photography exhibitions for everyone. Take the next step in your photo journey while surrounded by a picturesque park. (September 13th-16th) shutterstock_1095016859 Coney Island Film Festival: If you love beaches, hot dogs, and theme parks, Coney Island is the perfect place for you. It’s also a great spot for movie lovers. Their September movie festival is one of the best around! (September 14-16th) Sip for the Sea:  Without the ocean, life on Earth would not exist as we know it, which is why it’s pretty frightening that the sea is not exactly...healthy. The New York Aquarium hosts their annual Sip for the Sea event to benefit our planets aquatic bodies. It’s the perfect excuse to get your drink on. (September 27th)