Revamp Your Home (At Any Budget)

April 7th, 2018

So you want a fresh start, but don’t know where to begin. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Reimagining your home is an excellent way to revamp your life. And while some steps (like interior remodeling) are quite the investment, you don’t have to spend tons of money to liven up your living space. Check out the following tips on how to revamp your home, no matter your budget.


  • Update Appliances: Home appliances play a major role in our everyday life. So if your fridge keeps breaking down, or one of your stove top burners isn’t up to par, consider replacing it. Not only will you feel great about your new houseware, modern appliances are becoming more energy efficient, so you’ll be helping the environment too!
  • Invest in New Bedding: You’ll spend nearly a quarter of your life on your bed, so high-quality bedding is worth the investment. When it comes to mattresses, take the time to test out options in the store, and when you’re looking for sheets, stick to certified-cotton of at least 400 thread count. How you spend your nights affect the quality of your days.
  • Hire a Deep Cleaning Service: If you’re looking to renew and refresh your home, it may be worth hiring a deep cleaning service. These companies have tools to take care of specific jobs you may not be equipped to handle on your own, like exterior window cleaning, wall washing, appliance and deep carpet cleaning. Not only will your apartment feel fresh, but you’ll be addressing health hazards like mold, dust, and allergens in the air.


  • Add a New Focal Piece: If you want a quick, affordable way to revamp your home, find a new statement piece to transform your space. An area rug ties a room together, new curtains add a pop of color, and statement artwork can change overall tone. Already in love with your current design? Spruce up your apartment with a shift in lighting, it’ll add a multi-dimensional aspect without changing your original plan.
  • Vase of Flowers: Nothing will quite boost your mood and your apartment like a fresh bouquet. This simple addition will brighten your home (plus flowers smell amazing)!
  • Fresh Paint: If you’re feeling down about your living space, but want to keep a minimalist mindset, consider adding a fresh coat of paint. Whether you’re sprucing up your current color or adding an accent wall, this DIY step transforms your home at an affordable price.


  • Rearrange Furniture: A quick strategy to have your home feel brand new, is to simply rearrange your furniture. This free alternative breathes new life into your space, without costing a dime.
  • Get Organized: Sometimes a thorough cleaning sesh is all you need to feel renewed. Whether you simply tackle your bathroom, or do an entire apartment overhaul, keeping an organized space can do wonders for your well being.
  • Open A Window: Stagnant air can build up quickly in a closed environment. Everything from cleaning products to gas stove tops can contribute to toxins in your air. Fortunately, fixing this problem is completely free! Crack a window for at least five minutes a day (yes, even in the winter and summer months). Let a fresh breeze clear out indoor air pollution, and revamp your home.