7 More Amazing Podcasts to Make Your Commute Great

May 23rd, 2018

A subway ride usually means staring out a dark window, avoiding eye-contact with strangers, and straining your ears to hear muffled announcements. It doesn’t have to be that way! As we’ve mentioned previously, the best way to beat an annoying commute is to spice it up with an enjoyable podcast. By now you’ve probably listened through all of your favorite podcasts, so isn’t it about time you found some new ones? Stonehenge is here to hook you up with the freshest and most amazing podcasts! Terrible, Thanks for Asking: It’s the most common question in the world: “How are you doing?” The answer we give is usually something generically positive, even if we’re doing pretty..well, terrible. Hosted by author and notable widow Nora McInerny, this tragically funny podcast is an open conversation about how we're really feelings This admittedly dark podcast is actually way more entertaining and hilarious than it’s concept suggests, with weekly guests just being honest about how awful life can be. Sometimes it's good to vent about your negative feelings. shutterstock_525088390 Gilmore Guys: Despite what you may have been told, Amy Sherman-Palladino’s Gilmore Girls isn’t just a show for girls. How many men have secretly watched the adventures of the Gilmore's over their girlfriends shoulders, feigning disinterest in this rightfully popular ‘girls show’? It’s time to stop pretending that we don’t all love Gilmore Girls--men and women alike! Kevin T Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe--two men very secure in their own masculinity-- are here to walk you through each and every episode. There’s in-depth analysis, thoughtful conversation, and plenty of humor to go around. shutterstock_518587240 Crimetown: The hit podcast Serial was one of the most gripping podcasts ever produced. Following fascinating true crime stories for two seasons, it enraptured audiences across the world. The only problem is that they’ve stopped producing new episodes! Crimetown is here to fill that true-crime hole in your podcasting library. This searing investigation into corruption in Rhode Island is produced by the co-writer of HBO’s hit crime-documentary series The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst. If dark secrets and shady dealings are your favorite topics, don’t miss Crimetown. shutterstock_1067714837 H3 Podcast: Maybe you prefer your podcasts a little more silly? The H3 podcast is your goofy window into the news of the internet. Ethan and Hila Klein are legendary you-tubers who have made a name by riffing on the weirdest, most random stuff on the internet. Their hugely popular podcast has featured a number of surprisingly legitimate guests alongside an unending stream of weirdos and strange stories. There’s goofs, gags, and laughs galore. It seriously couldn’t get any more lighthearted than this. shutterstock_780075346 I Was There Too: The big stars and famous names of film make it easy to forget all of the other people involved in bringing our favorite movies to the screen. We all know that Harrison Ford played Han Solo, but who played the stormtrooper who bumped his head on on the Death Star? How about the guy holding the boom mic? Behind every great movie are a bunch of smaller parts played by big, interesting people. Matt Gourley travels the globe (or at least the greater Los Angeles area) to interview the lesser-known stars of our favorite movies. It’s a hypnotic exploration of what went on behind the scenes of our favorite films. shutterstock_635806040 Homecoming: The charm of most podcasts is that they’re usually produced on an ultra-low budget by relatively unknown personalities. Homecoming is the opposite of that: A blockbuster, big-studio production. Hearkening back to the olden days of radio plays, this psychological thriller tells a gripping tale with performances by truly A-list talent. Seriously. We challenge you to find a podcast that features people as famous as Oscar Isaac, David Schwimmer, Amy Sedaris, and David Cross. These actors really know how to tell a story--get ready for some chills. shutterstock_707694577 The Bill Simmons Podcast: If you were a fan of HBO’s Any Given Wednesday, you’re no doubt already familiar with Bill Simmons. Many of his fans were crushed when it was cancelled after a mere 1 season--but the work continues in podcast form. Simmons’ podcast is a less formal, more relaxed version of his show. He covers the latest sports news but also spreads out into pop culture and current events. The real meat and potatoes here are his frequent celebrity guests, who take the conversation in new and unexpected directions. If you like talking sports, this is the podcast for you. shutterstock_549133747