We here at Stonehenge NYC love to cook, and not just because we love to eat. Preparing a delicious meal has never been easier these days thanks to YouTube. You can find countless recipes across millions of videos, but they’re not all created equally.

Luckily, there are a few amazing “food-tubers” out there who put out quality content and delicious recipes on the regular. If you’re looking for your next favorite meal, be sure to check these "Food-Tubers" out!

Adam Ragusea 


One of the wonderful things about YouTube is how it offers new and unexpected career paths for those with unrealized talents. Adam Ragusea is a perfect example. A few years ago he was a professor of Journalism at Mercer University in Georgia. As of 2020, his days as a professor are behind him and his days as a hugely successful cooking Youtuber seem to be just getting started.

Adam approaches food differently than many YouTubers you may have watched in the past. He doesn’t just show you recipes. He reveals the secret history behind his favorite meals, as well as the science that makes them so delicious. His videos cover a vast range of topics from simple tasty recipes to questions like “what is MSG and is it actually bad for you?’. It’s a food rabbit hole well worth falling down.

Get Started With… Home Made Bagels is the perfect intro to a classic NYC favorite.

Internet Shaquille


Shaquille O'Neal is one of the greatest basketball players who ever lived, so we suppose it just makes sense that Internet Shaquille is claiming to be one of the greatest internet folks to have lived. We’re not really sure. But strange nomenclature aside, it’s impossible to deny that Internet Shaquille knows how a lot about food.

We love Internet Shaquille because his food videos aren’t just packed with information. They’re also blessedly short, funny, and totally delicious. Ever wanted to become a true coffee snob, create an actually tasty vegetarian sandwich, or just learn how to talk about food in an intelligent way? Internet Shaquille’s videos can help you do that, and they’re usually less than five minutes long!

Get Started With… The Path to Perfect Rice Begins Here because making rice is easier than you think, if you know what you’re doing.

Cowboy Kent Rollins


Back when America was first settled, people really worked hard for a living. That meant they needed to eat big, hearty meals that could take the edge off after a long day herding cows, farming, or whatever it was people did before the Internet. Since then, many of those traditional recipes have sadly lost their popularity, but Cowboy Kent Rollins is here to bring them back.

While most YouTubers are relative amateurs with a passion for food, Cowboy Kent is the real deal. He’s got decades of experience working as a cowboy cook and personality in spades. He knows how to make all the American classics like hashed browns and fried eggs, and he knows how to transform them from something tasty into something breathtaking. Why this guy doesn’t have his own show on the Food Network is a mystery.

Get Started With… Best Scrambled Eggs because chances are you’ve been making them wrong for your whole life!

Josh Weissman


If you started baking during quarantine, then there’s a good chance that you stumbled across one of Josh Weissman’s amazing baking videos. Josh sprang to YouTube stardom with his incredible baking videos, but soon proved his was more than just a one trick pony.

Young, wacky, and brimming with food knowledge, Josh’s food videos now cover a vast array of territory. Our favorites are his ‘but better’ videos where he takes a popular restaurant dish and shows you how to create it yourself. Not only are these recipes better, they’re also cheaper! From a five star steak dinner to a Starbucks Frappuccino, Josh has you covered.

Get Started With… Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich...But Better! because the hype for Popeye's Chicken Sandwiches Will NEVER die.