Online Fashion for Women

April 26th, 2018

Fashionistas rejoice! We recently covered the very best online shopping options for fashionable men. Hopefully our male residents have taken their first steps toward easier, more trendy fashion through the magic of the internet. Today we’re going to do the obvious; flip the script and introduce our female readers to some awesome options for online shopping. It’s time for you to stop hunting through the mean streets for the perfect outfit. Kick back, log on, and let it come to you.


The term ‘gilt’ means to be covered thinly with gold paint. In the old days gilt was used to make affordable materials look priceless. It’s actually a great name for a clothing website because when you shop Gilt you’ll look like a million bucks, without actually spending that much. Gilt is probably the most popular online destination for women’s fashion. The groundbreaking website rose to prominence largely due to its daily flash sales. Online shoppers would hungrily pounce on Gilt’s awesome daily deals from an ever-changing selection of top designers, emerging brands, and exclusive styles. Ultimately though, Gilt stood apart because of their effortless shopping experience. It’s incredibly simple to sort by size, brand, or just about any other category you can imagine. Their personalization algorithms are second-to-none. Gilt knows the outfit you truly desire, before you can even imagine it. Try it! Untitled


It’s happened to all of us. We order some sweet piece of clothing online, only to discover that it fits nothing like we’d hoped. There’s nothing more tragically hilarious than when our fashion expectations collide with reality. Hopefully you didn’t spend too much on it, because returning it is going to be a nightmare. What is ASOS and what does it have to do with this? ASOS was one of the first online clothing stores for women and they guarantee that everything you purchase from them will fit exactly ‘As Seen on Screen”. In fact, their original address was because what you see is what you get. ASOS brings together cutting edge fashion from across the globe. Their commitment to quality and accuracy means you always get exactly what you order. We promise that if you order from ASOS next time you buy clothes online, you won’t have to send out a fashion S.O.S. Untitled2


New York City is an international destination that draws visitors from across the globe. That means our clothing stores cater to more than just western tastes. Still, you can’t always nab the latest styles from Japan, India and China--even in Manhattan. Ajio is a truly international online women’s clothing store. Their efforts ensure that you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to get your hands on the very best worldwide fashions and designs. Their entire collection is hand picked by fashion experts across the globe and shipped straight to your door. If you think you’ve seen everything that the fashion world has to offer, it’s time to broaden your horizons. Spend a few minutes browsing their website and you’ll suddenly find yourself on a new and exciting fashion frontier. Untitled3


You can never own too much jewelry. Nothing ties an outfit together better than a well-chosen pair of earrings or a flashy necklace. The only problem is that the price of those beautiful trinkets can really start to add up! Baublebar is just want it sounds like. An online marketplace that’s totally overflowing with awesome jewelry. It’s a great way to invest in jewelry essentials while leaving yourself the freedom to play with trends. Their huge selection of diverse but affordable options have made them popular with Instagram models and online influencers. You’ll happily fill out your collection with as little buyers remorse as possible. Even better: Baublebar is headquartered in NYC. All of their designs come from up-and-coming local artists and designers which means you’ll be supporting our awesome city while staying trendy. Untitled4