Online Fashion for Men

April 24th, 2018

In New York City, it’s hard to get away without being at least a little fashionable. For many men, the prospect of heading to the garment district and putting together a swanky wardrobe is undeniably intimidating. What’s in style? How much should you really be paying for a pair of shoes? How much should a good suit cost you? Thankfully, the world of online shopping has made being a stylish man totally effortless. Visit the right websites and you’ll have an entirely new, totally chic outfit. Stonehenge NYC is happy to show you where to look, to get the right look!

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon was founded with the goal of simplifying your life. It’s founders wondered why it was so difficult to buy a pair of underwear. Whenever they bought underwear at the store it never seemed to fit right. Why was a medium too loose and a small too small? Even across the same brands, there was no consistency. They decided to do something about it. At Mack Weldon the underwear is meticulously designed, measured, and sculpted to fit your body. Their custom-engineered fabric reaches comfort levels you simply can’t imagine. The devil is in the details, and Mack Weldon gets every single one right. You’re almost always wearing your underwear, so doesn’t it make sense that you’d want it to be as comfortable as possible? Sure, Mack Weldon is way pricier than a 5-pack of Hanes but the comfort is well worth the premium. Not only that, but if you try them on and don’t like them you’ll get a full refund. You don’t even have to send ‘em back, because nobody wants your dirty undies! uploads_2F88bd8caa-2c9d-4ab1-8c12-8d640add428c_2F18hr_boxerbrief_bluenight_front

Combatant Gentlemen

The modern man is expected to own at least two suits. If you’re just getting started, chances are that the one you own isn’t so great--but a well-tailored suit is expensive. Or is it? The Combatant Gentlemen is a website that aims to hook you up with a great fitting suit at a reasonable price. Combatant Gentlemen’s ‘baller on a budget’ philosophy works by cutting the fat out of the tailoring world. No, their not shafting the tailor, they’re eliminating the brand. You don’t have to pay Tom Ford or Brioni prices to look like you’re wearing a premium men’s brand. The secret to a great suit is in the cut. Provide your measurements to Combatant Gent, pick a suit you like, and they’ll custom tailor one and ship it to you. You can even choose between a slim fit, tailored fit, or a modern fit depending on your build. Not sure which one works best for you? Their excellent website will tell you everything you need to know. A suit this awesome never came so cheap. large


A good watch is a crucial part of any man’s wardrobe. Sure, you could tell the time on your phone, but nothing brings an outfit together or makes a statement like a snazzy timepiece. The price of a watch varies widely, but what really sets a Rolex apart from something you can pick up in a department store for 20 bucks? Sadly, just about all premium watches come with a massive markup based on their brand name. Trust us, that Rolex Seamaster didn’t cost anywhere near five grand to produce. MVMT provides all the quality of the top brands at a very reasonable rate. Peruse their website and you’ll find a massive selection of top-notch watches. These watches have the traits usually only found in high end brands; innovative design, hardened mineral crystal, and even water resistance. With free shipping, free returns, and a two-year warranty, you’re all but guaranteed to find a watch that fits your taste.

Jack Erwin

Most people cheap out when it comes to shoes, which is really a shame because a good pair can last you a lifetime. The difference between a $500 pair of shoes and a $50 pair isn’t so obvious at first. It’s only after the cheaper one falls apart after a few months of wear that we curse our frugality. Like the other entries on this list, Jack Erwin is an online company that wants to provide men with top quality products at a price that doesn’t leave you reeling. Their beautiful, high-quality and thoughtfully-designed shoes aren’t chasing trends or trying to be flashy. They’re just here to give you the best pair of shoes you’ve ever worn. Some might shy away from buying footwear online, given the obvious fact that you can’t really try them on before making your purchase. But, their generous free return and exchange policy should assuage any worries you might have. Everyone knows their own foot size, so log on and find that next pair of awesome kicks. cooper-black-jackerwin-shoes__main-image__2_787f2c98-cd57-4570-9361-857c9b14d307_2048x