NYC Labor Day Fun

August 27th, 2018

Labor Day weekend is right around the corner. Despite its name, Labor Day is an occasion in which most of us don’t have to do any labor. So, every first Monday in September, you’ve got a day off. What are you gonna do with your time? Well, we’re glad you asked. The US Open: The biggest competition in tennis runs from August 27th through September 9, which means it’ll have already started by the time you’re reading this. The event really heats up over Labor Day weekend, when tennis stars from across the globe come together to throw down on the tennis court. shutterstock_310250735   Because The US Open is such a huge deal, they obviously have to host it right here in New York City. Even if you don’t have tickets to the show, you can crack open a cold one and enjoy the competition from the comfort of your home. Electric Zoo: While you can’t actually attend Electric Zoo on Labor Day, you can at least recover from it. This NYC based festival of Electronic Dance Music madness is the perfect way to cut loose and go wild. The festival proper ends the day before the holiday, but it's a great weekend activity. While others cook barbecue and watch sports, you’ll be living in a haze of music, movement, and endless beats. shutterstock_362893757 Electric Zoo features some of the top musical artists of our time, all gathered together in one crazy music extravaganza. Musicians with names like Zomboy, Infuze, and Dubfire will vibrate your brain and move your bones. Just make sure you get some real rest before you go back to work! West Indian American Day Carnival: If America is a melting pot then New York City is an much smaller, but much more concentrated melting pot. We’ve got more culture and diversity then perhaps any other city in the world, which is why we have so many awesome celebrations. The West Indian American Day Festival is one such event.   shutterstock_1084839914 Throughout history, the peoples of the Caribbean and west indies have flocked to our great city and made a huge impact. Our food, music, and art owes their people a huge debt of gratitude. The West Indian American Day Carnival grows each year, drawing crowds in the millions to partake in this fantastic Labor Day festival. Don’t miss it. Hit the Beach: The great tragedy of Labor Day is that it’s a signpost on the road to fall. That’s right, summer is hurtling towards it’s inevitable conclusion and soon we’ll all be sipping pumpkin spice lattes and sorting through our sweater collection. Still, there's time to enjoy the beach a few more times before the end. shutterstock_543679861 Coney Island hosts their Last Wave festival on Labor Day to tip their hat to the end of fun in the sun. There’s brunch, barbecue, and even live music for those who have tickets. Don’t want tickets? No problem. Hit up the park, swim in the sea, and enjoy a fireworks show in the evening. Experience Ultimate ‘Freedom’: We all have our ideas of what it means to be free. For some of us, it’s just life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For others, it’s something a little more risque. The Ultimate Freedom Concert in Father Duffy Square defines freedom as the ability to wear as little as you want. shutterstock_770336959 That’s right, this somehow legal event lets you enjoy Times Square in the nude. Seriously. The only thing you do have to wear is the Ultimate Freedom Bracelet which lets the NYPD know that you’re not some random weirdo. This is your chance you be ‘completely bare with integrity.’ New York City Labor Day Parade: It wouldn’t be a New York Holiday without a parade to recognize it. The strange thing about the NYC Labor Day Parade is that it doesn’t actually occur on Labor Day. That’s probably because the event organizers wanted the day off just like everyone else. shutterstock_324410438 Still, a week after the actual holiday, the NYC Labor Day Parade takes to the streets. This march celebrates workers and the unions that support them. It’s also a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the streets of NYC with your friends. Everyone from plumbers to actors will come out to represent their chosen field.