NYC Halloween Movie Favorites

October 17th, 2018

As Halloween approaches it’s about time for you to start watching some scary movies.    We New Yorkers are either lucky or cursed: there are ton of scary movies that are set right here in NYC. It seems that filmmakers can’t think of NYC without wanting to put a monster in it. Join us to watch some of Stonehenge NYC’s favorite scary movies set in NYC! Be warned--some of them may be too spooky for kids! Ghostbusters: When it comes to ghosts and NYC, you can’t get much better than Ghostbusters. This classic comedy/horror film was a massive hit when it came out in 1984, and it seems that it’s popularity has only grown since. There have been sequels, reboots, and even an animated kids show. shutterstock_449831701 For the uninitiated, Ghostbusters follows the story of three Doctors who decide to dump traditional science and go into the field of ghost hunting. In this version of New York City, ghosts are a legitimate pest that only the ghostbusters can solve. Of course, things take a turn for the worse when the ghostbusters accidentally open a portal to another realm. If you’re looking for a spooky Halloween movie that can be enjoyed by just about anyone, you can’t go wrong with Ghostbusters. There’s just something undeniably charming about seeing a gigantic marshmallow man strolling through the streets of New York City. I Am Legend: The only problem with New York City is the people--there’s just too many of them. We all wish the city was a bit less crowded, but in I Am Legend, Will Smith learns that it isn't as fun as it sounds. Legend This 2007 film is an adaptation of the eponymous 1954 science fiction horror novel by American writer Richard Matheson. We discover a New York City where most of humanity has gone extinct, leaving just a man and his dog alone in the world. Sadly, the subways aren’t running and it’s hard to get a cab. Still, it’s nice to be able to smack golf balls off the of the Museum Ship Intrepid, and there’s no wait to get to the top of the Empire State Building--if you don’t mind climbing the stairs. As Will Smith seeks a cure for the disease the wiped out humanity, we learn that perhaps humanity isn’t gone after all. Perhaps it has simply changed. Maybe people just aren’t people anymore... Cloverfield: Youtube has created an online home for New York City vlogs. We enjoy watching strangers on the internet skateboard around the city and talk about how great Manhattan is. But we have to admit that it does get a little boring sometimes. It’d be nice if something...unexpected happened. Clover Cloverfield follows the typical day of a few regular young New Yorkers. They’re planning a trip to Coney Island, and they’ll be hitting up a party in the evening. We watch their personal recordings as they get ready, go to the party, and have a good time. But the good times are almost instantly halted when a gigantic space monster decides it’s time to take an impromptu tour of Manhattan. While buildings crumble and the Statue of Liberty loses her head, our heros make a desperate bid to find safety. This classic monster film helped put JJ Abrams on the map and remains a fun horror romp for anyone who enjoys giant monster movies. If nothing else, it’s impressive to see how Abrams transports us to a version of NYC that is both strikingly familiar and terrifyingly different--all through the lens of a single camcorder. Just try not to get motion sick. King Kong: Speaking of giant monsters in NYC, we can't forget about King Kong. Kong is the original New York City monster. He famously climbed The Empire State Building and swatted airplanes like flies. Since then, he’s remained ensconced in the minds of New Yorkers and the movie lovers everywhere. Kong has attacked our great city multiple times throughout the years, with each generation of filmmakers putting their stamp on the myth of Kong. In the 1970’s he even climbed around on The World Trade Center! The story remains pretty consistent. Explorers go to the mysterious Skull Island where they discover a lost world of prehistoric dinosaurs. After running for their lives for a bit, they bring Kong back to NYC and (what else?) put him on Broadway. Inevitably, he escapes and wreaks havoc throughout the city. shutterstock_1011268114 We recommend you watch the original 1933 movie to get the classic Kong experience. We should also mention that King Kong is now on Broadway. That’s right, you can experience the wonder of Kong live and in person. We just hope he doesn’t escape this time!