NYC Gym Guide

August 6th, 2018

An active life will keep you mentally and physically healthy in New York City. If you live in a Stonehenge NYC apartment, there’s a good chance you have a gym right in your building. What could be more convenient than that? Still, a membership at a NYC gym is a mighty fine thing to have. They’re usually larger and better equipped than your humble building gym. Our gyms are awesome, but we only have room for so much equipment! So, which NYC gym should you choose? Our handy NYC gym guide is here to help! Planet Fitness: With multiple locations across the city and ultra-low membership prices, Planet Fitness is a tempting prospect when searching for your NYC gym. Planet Fitness is great for beginners because of its ‘judgement free’ philosophy. Members of Planet Fitness are encouraged to avoid ‘intimidating behavior’ which includes grunting loudly, dropping weights, and carrying oneself with an arrogant, superior demeanor. One of the best things about Planet Fitness is their 30-minute circuit workout which makes squeezing exercise into your busy schedule a cinch. Of course, PF’s casual attitude towards fitness may not be right for you if you’re a serious gym rat. The low financial barrier for entry means you’ll probably wind up waiting for machines in a packed gym during their busy hours. Still, it’s a great option if you don’t want to spend a ton. As with most things, you get what you pay for. shutterstock_1081358615 Blink Fitness: Blink Fitness is a step up from Planet Fitness, though the two gyms certainly share some similarities. Blink places less emphasis on being a judgement free zone, and focuses more on creating a feel good experience. At Blink, fitness isn’t just about looking good--it’s about feeling good! From their colorful decorations, to their clean, wide-open workout areas, everything at Blink is designed to keep your mood positive. Seriously, the colors they use are scientifically proven to enhance your workout and have an uplifting effect on mood. The music here is a cut above the usual generic Top-40 playlists you’ll hear at most gyms too.    Although Blink is still technically a budget gym, it’s owned an operated by the same team behind the venerable Equinox. Their attention to detail puts them above their low-cost competitors. That said, they don’t offer classes or personal training, but you’ll find Blink surprisingly great for such a reasonable price. shutterstock_1102491665 New York Sports Club: New York Sports Club is definitely on to something when it comes to their name, though we can’t see how they’ll ever manage to expand beyond New York state. Still, their loyalty to our home is admirable, as are the amenities at this mid level gym. NYSC beats out it’s competition by featuring more machines, better trainers, and wider  fitness options. Where they really shine however, is in their focus on community. You’d be hard pressed to find a gym with friendlier, more polite staff. Many of their locations feature open-turf areas, which are fantastic if you want to tackle non-traditional workouts like ropes, tires, and sleds. With dozens of locations and a reasonable price tag, the popularity of this sports club makes perfect sense. shutterstock_549547513 Chelsea Piers: Chelsea Piers may only have one location, but they’re the largest workout facility in the city. The mind-boggling amount of activities available here easily earns them the title of ‘New York’s Ultimate Playground.’ Aside from the usual weightlifting and cardio machines, Chelsea Piers allows you to participate in barre, basketball, golf, soccer, running, parkour and even bowling. Not only that, but you’ll sweat it out while enjoying a gorgeous facility and breathtaking views of the Hudson river. Chelsea Piers may be pricey, but it’s also one of the coolest places to work out in NYC. If you consider yourself a cut above other gym goers, or if you’re an athlete looking to hone your skills, you won’t find a better spot. shutterstock_131459540 Equinox: There’s a reason that Equinox is so popular. It’s a fantastic gym. Wait--strike that--Equinox doesn’t want you to call it a gym. It’s a club. Very fancy. With 36 masterfully appointed clubs all across NYC, Equinox is the absolute best option if you want a true luxury experience when you work out. There’s no question that these are the cleanest, most attractive gyms in the city. Equinox features some of the best trainers in the world and a wide selection of classes including barre, Pilates and spin. Each of their clubs is a reflection of their respective neighborhoods, promising to be your sanctuary from the chaos of the city. If you’ve had enough of the basic gym experience, maybe it’s time you gave this legendary club a try. shutterstock_490437433