New York City's Best Pizza

November 3rd, 2018

Is there any food that New Yorkers and Americans love more than cheesy, chewy, crunchy pizza? Probably not. You can find pizza just about anywhere in NYC and most of it is pretty great. Still, there are some slices a cut above the rest. Stonehenge NYC is excited to tell you all about the BEST pizza in the whole darned city. John’s Pizza: What makes John’s pizza so great? Why is there always a line out the door? A big part of it is John's traditional baking method. It’s one of the only places in New York City where you can still get coal fired pizza. In olden times, most pizza places used coal fired ovens, but they fell out of favor over time. These days, permits for coal fired ovens don’t even exist, which means John’s is the only place that has one. shutterstock_273136079 The result is a legendary pizza from a bygone era. Inside this old, no-frills restaurant, you’ll taste a pizza that is widely regarded as the very best in the city. Decadent cheese, fresh tomatoes, and a hint of charcoal come together in pizza perfection. Pitchers of beer, heavily gouged furniture, and gruff servers all add to the charm. It’s the perfect place to spend the afternoon with friends. This is a true NYC original. Emmy Squared: Round pizza is iconic, but square pizza has its place too. There’s just something about the corner piece of a grandma pie that absolutely melts your heart and cheers your soul. The story of Emmy Squared is, like all great stories, a love story. Emmy and Matt Hyland fell in love while eating and making pizza, and they manifested their love by founding an incredible pizza place in Williamsburg. shutterstock_182331650 Their success was instantaneous. Thick, square, crunchy slices of ‘Detroit-style’ pizza drew masses to their doors and soon allowed them to open an East Village location. They don’t just serve pizza. Spicy chicken sandwiches, meatball subs, and a generous wine selection fill out the menu. It truly is a place you can return to time and again. Rubirosa Ristorante: Pizza became the most popular food in America thanks to Italian immigrants, and the majority of those immigrants came through New York City. That’s why you can still find a pizza place on just about every corner. The ancestors of those immigrants lovingly continued the tradition of selling pizza for decades to come. At Rubirosa, the tradition is truly still alive. shutterstock_550726660 Aj Pappalardo founded Rubirosa in an attempt to perfectly merge traditional Italian pizza with the iconic NYC slice. Taking inspiration from old family recipes, he created a new pizza that became an instant hit. The pizzas at Rubirosa are a little different from what you’ll find elsewhere. For example, you can get a pizza covered in vodka sauce. It might sound weird, but we promise it’ll knock your socks right off. Di Fara Pizza: As any restaurant owner or manager can tell you, running an eatery is a ton of work. No one takes that more seriously than Domenico De Marco. When Dom immigrated to Brooklyn in 1964, he took restaurant ownership to a new level. Dom wanted his pizza to be perfect, and the only way to be sure of that was to make every pie himself. Every. Single. Pie. shutterstock_214759690 So, for the past 40 years, Dom as been making legendary pizza, one piece at a time. Of course, he does employ some help these days, but the bulk of the work is done by him. Folks trek out to Midwood and wait all day just to sample Dom’s incredible pizza. If you eat a Di Fara pizza, you’re eating something that was made by Dom. When Dom takes a day off, the restaurant is closed. What happens when Dom eventually retires? We shudder to think. Get it while you still can.