Summer Musicals You Can't Miss

May 9th, 2018

For longtime New Yorkers it can be easy to forget that we live in the best theater town in the whole world. Broadway’s stages are jam-packed with excellent new shows, and you should take advantage of that! Summer is hot and muggy. Wouldn’t you rather spend it in a cool, dark, air-conditioned theater listening to some great tunes? Of course you would! Here are some great summer musicals you should definitely check out!   Waitress: How many actors have yearned to win their dream role and ditch their day job as a waiter? For the cast of Waitress, that dream role just happened to be playing the fictional version of their day job. This new hit Broadway production is actually based on a 2007 film, and it’s way more interesting than it sounds. We follow the journey of Jenna, a waitress in a tiny southern town. She’s stuck working as a waitress, but like most Broadway protagonists, she has bigger dreams. Jenna’s hidden passion is her skill for creating delectable desserts. Could her baking be her ticket to freedom? Along the way, Jenna navigates a failing marriage and as well of a cast of memorable regulars at her diner. This uplifting musical features a score by hit songwriter Sara Bareilles--who’s also becoming one of the hottest new faces on Broadway. Who would have thought that a musical about working in a diner could have so much wit and charm? Waitress Come From Away: Although we live in one of the biggest cities in the world, plenty of us New Yorkers once lived in very small towns. We know that in places like that, everyone knows everyone, and (for the most part) nothing really changes all that much. But what happens when a tiny, isolated town suddenly becomes host to thousands of outsiders? Come From Away is the true story of a small Newfoundland town called Gander that was transformed overnight. During the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, hundreds of aircraft were re-routed and turned away from their original destinations. Without the ability to land, many of them were sent to Gander’s once-unimportant airstrip. As the town filled up with countless outsiders, something unexpectedly inspiring happened. Rather than allowing cultural clashes and language barriers to get in their way, the people of Gander made it their goal to befriend the people of the world. This stellar musical is a beautiful true story of how people can come together in the darkest times. Don’t miss it. Come From Away Anastasia: Here’s the thing about most animated musicals from the 90’s: they’re pretty much perfect for Broadway. How many of us grew up watching the fantastic Anastasia? It was a great film, and now that we think about it, a little dark for kids.  Anastasia is no ordinary young woman. Not only is she desperately trying to survive after the collapse of the Russian Empire, she’s secretly one of it’s few surviving royal descendants. She teams up with a con-man and a former aristocrat to make a bid for freedom, setting their sites on Paris. They’re pursued by ruthless Soviets, who fear the political unrest that her existence might cause. Oh, and there's an evil wizard too. If you were a fan of the original film, you’re guaranteed to love this show. If you somehow missed the movie, this is the perfect opportunity to get caught up on the story. This gorgeously produced adaptation feels completely at home on Broadway. Anastasia   Escape to Margaritaville: As summer draws closer, we all become a little uncomfortable in our daily life. We itch to kick off our shoes, put on some sunscreen, and mix ourselves a cold one. We all just want to escape to a magical place where there are no worries about the future and relaxation is all that matters. A place called...Margaritaville. Yes, this show is an adaptation of Jimmy Buffett's hit song about drinking cocktails and blaming other people for your problems. It turns out that Mr. Buffett is so fond of the song that he decided to build an entire musical around it. Not only that, it’s a pretty good show--tons of people are seeing it! Featuring new songs and old classics, Margaritaville introduces us to a part-time bartender, part-time singer, and full-time charmer named Tully. He thinks his life is going pretty well, until he encounters a beautiful stranger who flips his world upside down. Sure, it’s all a bit silly, but we can’t think of a better way to spend a hot summer day. Buffet