Murray Hill is one of NYC’s oldest high-end neighborhoods, brimming with classic Manhattan charm. In recent years, it’s become an epicenter of youth - increasingly attractive and accessible to those on their way up. Murray Hill boasts classic brownstones and a relaxed vibe while remaining a stone's throw from busier parts of the city. 

If you’re thinking about moving to 41 Park Avenue, 20 Park Avenue, or Stonehenge 33 you probably want to learn a bit more about the neighborhood. Stonehenge NYC is here to help. Read on to learn why Murray Hill is a fantastic place to live. 

The Center of it All:

If you’re the kind of New Yorker who takes the train to work every day, values your time, and wants to occasionally get away from it all, then you definitely want to live somewhere with lots of access to a wide range of public transport. Luckily, you’d be hard-pressed to find a neighborhood with more travel options than Murray Hill. 

The B,D,F,M,6, and 7 trains are always close by, but the real commuters dream is Grand Central Terminal, which allows easy access to the 4,5,6 and S trains as well as the Metro-North Line. It’s not just about getting from point A to point B though. Grand Central is a legendary terminal with jaw-dropping architecture, great food, and plenty of secrets. Check out our blog post to learn a bit more about this iconic New York location. 

East River Access:

The East River and Murray Hill are so close that they’re basically family. The river flanks the neighborhood providing easy access to striking river views of Long Island City. Walking and jogging in New York City is seldom more inspiring than when taking in breathtaking water views. It’s also the perfect place to hop on a ferry or discover some waterway dining. 

A Foodies Delight:

If you love to eat (and what New Yorker doesn’t?) you’re going to love Murray Hill. Although you will find some upscale dining in the area, the focus here is approachable, affordable, and delicious cuisine.

You’ll find plenty of delicious bars and restaurants in Murray Hill, especially if you’re fond of diverse cuisine. The neighborhood is home to Indian restaurants large and small while being in close proximity to Koreatown, a fantastic location for late-night eats. You’ll also find plenty of coffee shops, easy lunch spots, as well as vegetarian and vegan options. 

Parks and Libraries Nearby:

If you’re not hungry or thirsty, fear not. Murray Hill has plenty of opportunities to feed your soul. Although not located precisely in Murray Hill, beautiful Bryant Park is likely a short walk from your front door. 

The Park is a great place for a stroll or to just sit and chill while reading a good book. Speaking of books, the Main Branch of the New York Public Library is located in Bryant Park. It’s a great place to find your next read or just to soak in the atmosphere. If the main branch is too far, you can always dip over to the Kips Bay Library. 

No Hills, but Plenty of History:

Anyone who doesn’t feel like climbing hills on a daily basis need not fret. Murray Hill doesn’t quite live up to its namesake these days. Named for Robert Murray, a wealthy merchant who built his home on a hill in this part of Manhattan years ago, the house has long since been demolished and the hill has been leveled.

That said, Robert Murray maintains an important legacy in American history. Most notably it was his wife Mary who helped save George Washington while he and his army were retreating from New York in 1776. Mary used her charm to draw the British leadership into a tea party (what else?) and allowed George the crucial time he needed to escape. If not for her quick thinking, history might be very different today. 

You’ll find the Murray Hill of today bursting with history and opportunities. It’s a neighborhood with dynamic character and traditional charm in spades. There’s always something to do, see, eat, and drink. We can’t think of a better place to call home!