More Creative Classes for Classy New Yorkers

January 25th, 2018

In the hectic day-to-day hustle of the city, it’s easy to forget to take some time for yourself. You spend all day grinding, so why not take some time to do something fun? As we pointed out last year, there are tons of awesome classes to help you find and develop new and exciting hobbies. There’s no city on earth with more opportunities to grow and become a well-rounded person. Next time you’re feeling boring, or bored, sign up for one of these fun and entertaining classes... American Museum of Natural History- Un-Highlights Tour: If you’ve spent enough time in New York City, there’s a chance you’ve visited the American Museum of Natural History on several occasions. You may think you’ve seen it all, but at 1.6 million square feet, chances are you’ve missed a few things. This unique tour is an absolute must for museum-buffs and science lovers. You’ll learn the secret history behind the museums most famous artifacts and discover hidden gems often overlooked by casual visitors. This is a museum tour unlike any other. You’ll even get to hear juicy gossip about the curators and contributors. The guide will show you lesser-known pathways through this iconic museum. You’re guaranteed to have a fun and fascinating time. CAST-Voiceover Intensive: Do you have a salient voice? Do you often receive compliments on your dignified and pleasant way of speaking? Perhaps you have the makings of a voiceover artist. The voiceover game is dominated by a few select talents, but anyone who can break in can make it big. If spending your days in a recording booth reading stories or voicing characters sounds like a great way to make some extra dough, you should check out CAST’s voiceover intensive. This entry-level class will teach you everything you need to know about voiceover work. From techniques to avoid vocal fatigue, to nailing the audition, there’s a lot to discover about this subtle artform. You’ll get up close and personal with one of the top voiceover casting directors. Just what are they looking for in a voiceover artist? It’s an important first step to entering a quickly growing market! Drawing from Life at Chelsea Piers: Do you fancy yourself something of an artist? Do you fill every blank space on every sheet of paper with endless doodles? For those of us who enjoy the sublime art of sketching, it can be tricky to develop our skills after high school and college art class, but you don’t have to let your talents fade away! The “Drawing from Life” class is your chance to step back into the classroom and start mastering some drawing fundamentals. You’ll sketch poses of a live model, capturing their ever-changing movements and mastering your understanding of the human form. A friendly art teacher will critique your work and help you refine your techniques. You don’t have to go to a fancy art school to become an impressive artist. Crash Course: Camera Basics: In a world where everyone has a high-definition camera in their pocket, it’s easy to overlook the skill and talent that goes into a truly great photograph. For those of us with aspirations beyond Instagram, there’s a ton of technical knowledge and skill that goes into taking breathtaking photography. If you just picked up your first DSLR, or if you’re hoping to learn a little more about the fancy camera that’s collecting dust in your closet--this is your chance. The ins and outs of high-end cameras can be intimidating. The number of bells and whistles on legit cameras can be mind boggling. What settings should your camera be on? Which lens should you use for that shot? This awesome crash course promises to quickly improve your familiarity and understanding of your digital camera's basic functions and features. Art Under Glass- DeCoupage: Art comes in endless forms, and if you think you’re not an artist, you’re probably mistaken. You most likely haven’t found the form of art that’s right for you. Why not try a Decoupage class? This lesser-known art form involves using found art from magazines, books and basically anything paper to transform plain old glass objects into something new and marvelous. This easy and fun session will show you how to clean and prep your objects, which glue to use, and how to lacquer the finished product so that it lasts. Your plates, vases and jars will never look the same again! Your new works of art will become eye-catching centerpieces, original gift ideas, or just a fun way to spend a couple of hours. It’s not as easy as it looks, but once you’ve got it down you’ll be DeCoupage-ing forever more. The Art of Metalsmithing: Most people enjoy wearing one kind of jewelry or another. Your jewelry reminds you of a friend, reinforces a commitment, hints at your romantic status, and most importantly makes you look fabulous. The ancient art of metalsmithing isn’t just a fun hobby, it’s a the only way to create your own personalized jewelry. This popular class will show you the ins-and-outs of metalworking. You’ll learn to shape a formless mass of metal into something truly beautiful. There’s no metal you won’t shape to your will: Sterling silver, copper, silver nickel, brass and even gold will be transformed by your touch. This 5-session course covers a lot of ground including, filing, joining, sizing, polishing and beyond.