Mother's Day Gift Guide

May 8th, 2018

Picking the perfect gift for Mother’s Day is always a challenge. It’s not that you’re not thoughtful--it’s just hard to pick the right gift for someone as wonderful and unique as Mom. Stonehenge is here to help with a some great gift ideas! Google Photo Book: Chances are you don’t see mom as much as she would like. Chances also are that you’ve got a phone full of pictures and nothing to do with them. Sure, you upload them to Instagram and share them on Facebook but after that they’re not much use. There’s only one person who’s going to enjoy looking at them time and again: Mom. The Google Photo Book is here to turn your old digital pictures into a bonafide physical photo album. Simply scroll through your old photos, find ones that Mom will like, and Google does the rest. In a few short days you’ll have your hands on the perfect Mother’s day gift. It’s the perfect blend of technology and old-school scrapbooking. Google-Photos-for-iOS-photo-books Custom Handwriting Jewelry: Wouldn’t it be great if you could always remind Mom how much you care about her? What if you could write a special message just for her, that she could take with her at any time? Through the power of artists on Etsy, now you can. For a reasonable fee, these Etsy artists will create a custom piece of jewelry just for Mom. Create your own thoughtful message, pick a beautiful font, and design a classy piece of jewelry that tells her how important she is to you. Anytime Mom is missing you, she can put on your bracelet or necklace and feel a little closer. Sure it’s sappy and sentimental, but most moms will love it. il_570xN.811975553_d7a0 Custom Postage Stamp Collection: Email may be king, but snail mail will never go away. In an age of digital communications, sending a letter shows true thoughtfulness. If your Mom is the kind of gal who likes to send letters, why not give her a way to make them as personal as possible? These days, you can get just about anything customized, including postage stamps. Pick a few of your Mom’s favorite pics of you and your siblings and put together a one-of-a-kind stamp collection. Next time you get a letter from her, don’t be surprised to see your own mug staring back at you! v3 Broadway Tickets: If your Mom is a native New Yorker, there’s a pretty good chance she enjoys a good show. There’s a never-ending stream of awesome shows on Broadway, and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to nab another Playbill for your Mom’s collection. Purchase a pair of Broadway tickets to the hottest Broadway show and you’ll be guaranteeing her a great day at the theater. If you’re lucky, maybe Mom will decide to take you along. Just be sure to buy her a nice dinner afterwards. shutterstock_1051454519 Amazon Deep Cleaning: Amazon recently added spring cleaning to their ever-growing list of things and services you can buy from them. Mom spends countless hours keeping her home spick-and-span, but she deserves some time off on Mother’s Day. Now you can order a spotless apartment or house for her, right on Amazon. There’s nothing more relaxing or refreshing than a super clean home. Amazon’s friendly cleaners will arrive right at Mom’s place any time she desires. They even bring the cleaning supplies with them! In a few hours her home will be utterly spotless. She can kick back and enjoy her free time with you. shutterstock_745721242 Indoor Garden: Does your Mom love to cook? If so, she knows the value of using the freshest ingredients. But if she’s a New Yorker, she probably doesn’t have room for her very own herb garden. The AeroGarden is the perfect middle ground between urban living and rural freshness. This handy little herb garden allows Mom to keep her kitchen stocked with fresh ingredients year round. She can plant up to 7 different types of herb simultaneously, and the high-performance, full spectrum 20-watt LED lighting system keeps them at the perfect light level. Mom will get to do a little gardening and you’ll enjoy eating her delicious meals even more than before! 615hw-NSL5L._SL1500_