Laundry. We all have to deal with it sometimes. It’s the price of wearing fabulous clothes. You’ve got to wash them. But did you know there are tons of secret ways to make cleaning and maintaining your clothes simpler, easier, and more enjoyable? You do now. 

Next time you’re dealing with a load of laundry or a troublesome garment try one of Stonehenge NYC’s Laundry Hacks for Savvy New Yorkers. 

Keep Chalk in The Kitchen:

Bacon aficionados know it all too well. You’re cooking something greasy when you accidentally splatter your favorite shirt. Grease stains don’t just look bad; they’re also insanely hard to get out once they set. Luckily, you can prevent them from setting in with a simple piece of kid's chalk.

The moment you notice a grease spot on your clothing, just grab some chalk and rub it into the affected area. Chalk is super absorbent, so it will prevent the oily spot from becoming permanent. It’ll also wash away (and take the grease with it) when you finally do have an opportunity to wash your garment.

Save Your Whites By Turning Them Blue:

Nothing looks more inviting after a long day than a nice bed with some crisp white sheets. White sheets may look luxurious, but they’re notoriously hard to keep clean. After only a few washes, they’ll start to look less white, and a bit more yellow, no matter how much you wash them. Ever wonder how hotels keep their sheets looking so white? It’s because they actually dye them blue.

“Bluing” is a process by which you can make your white fabrics stay as white as possible by adding a bit of blue pigment to them. The blue pigment will actually counteract the yellowing that occurs with regular washing of white sheets. To the human eye, the fabric will appear white.  Simply use a product like Mrs. Stewart’s or Bluette the next time you wash your whites. Don't overdo it! Be sure to follow their instructions carefully and you’ll be astounded at how new they look. You can also use these products to darken a pair of faded jeans!

Throw an Ice Cube in Your Dryer:

An iron or a steamer is always a good thing to have around. We’ve all grabbed our favorite garment only to realize that it’s got some pretty serious wrinkles. If you don’t have an iron or steamer on hand, or if you’re just feeling lazy, you can easily get those wrinkles out with a simple ice cube.

Next time you encounter a wrinkled garment, throw it in your dryer along with an ice cube. The ice cube will start to melt, creating a steaming effect. This will quickly release those annoying wrinkles and have your clothing looking sharp in minutes.

Use a Delicates Bag for Socks:

Is there any laundry problem more timelessly frustrating than the disappearing socks? If you’re losing socks, you’re not alone. Luckily, there’s a simple solution. Purchase a mesh delicates bag and tie it to the side of your hamper. Be sure to always throw your socks into the mesh bag at the end of the day.

When it comes time to wash your clothes, simply zip up the delicates bag and throw it in the wash. This will prevent your socks from becoming separated, falling on the floor, or disappearing to wherever it is that they go when we lose track of them. Master this system, and you’ll never lose another sock.

Don’t Freeze Your Jeans:

We’ve probably all heard of this particular laundry ‘hack’. In fact, Levi’s has recommended that its customers freeze their jeans. In theory, this doesn’t just save you water, it’s also supposed to kill microbes and bacteria that can make your jeans stink while avoiding shrinking your favorite jeans in the regular laundry cycle. 

This weird hack actually seems to make sense. After all, freezing temperatures should theoretically kill most bacteria, right? Wrong. Most bacteria and microbes can survive extremely low temperatures. You’d be better off throwing your jeans in the dryer on high for ten minutes without washing them. Heat is far more effective than cold when it comes to killing tiny, odor-causing organisms. Or you could just wash the darn jeans like a normal person.  

Ditch Laundry Sheets in Favor of Aluminum Foil:

Not only are laundry sheets totally overpriced, but there is also some evidence that they’re not all that great for you. In fact, liquid fabric softeners aren’t much better. But what do you do if you just can’t live without static-free, super soft laundry?

The most clever solution is to simply ball up some aluminum foil and toss it in the dryer along with your clothes. This will reduce static and soften your clothes. If that’s too weird for you, pick up some reusable wool dryer balls. These are guaranteed to reduce wrinkles, soften fabrics, and eliminate static!