Help us beat rare cancer together! Since 2007 ordinary folks have come together across 13 cities to raise funds in Cycle for Survival. Ofer Yardeni and the Stonehenge team have been proud to support this incredible event to help defeat the scourge of rare cancer.

We’d love for you to join us in this important fight, so we’d like to tell you a little about one of our passion projects. 

What is Exactly is Cycle for Survival?

Cycle for Survival is a spin class for a good cause. It was founded by Jennifer Goodman Linn. She was an  MSK sarcoma patient with a passion for spinning. She launched the very first Cycle for Survival in 2007 by inviting family, friends, and colleagues to ride with her. When it was over, they’d raised $250,000.

Since then it’s been one of the healthiest (and most enjoyable) ways to do your part. Funds are raised by riding or sponsoring a bike and 100% of every dollar raised goes directly to rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. This truly special event has raised over $260 million and funded more than 100 clinical trials to develop new treatments. 

What Makes Cycle for Survival So Important?

Rare cancer is an unfortunately often overlooked and underfunded area of research, but Cycle for Survival is here to change that. They’ve already made massive strides to increase funding. Their efforts have directly led to FDA approval of groundbreaking new treatments and therapies. From contributions from large businesses to the offerings of individual riders, it all adds up for a great cause. By funding research into more than 400 types of rare cancer, we’ve been proud to help transform and even save lives.

Our Connection to Cycle for Survival: 

Cycle for Survival is particularly important to Stonehenge NYC because our Chairman and Founder Ofer Yardeni is a survivor himself.  When he learned about Cycle for Survival he couldn’t wait to get involved. Since we joined the effort 7 years ago Stonehenge NYC has raised over $900,000 and this year we’re pushing to reach a million dollars!

Who’s Riding?

Those who hop on a bike to help out in Cycle for Survival are as varied as you can imagine. Patients, doctors, nurses, survivors, hospital administrators, and regular folks who want to help will all be in attendance. This year, you could be a part of it too. There’s never been a better reason to work up a sweat!

What Does the Cycle for Survival Look Like in 2021?

In the past Cycle for Survival in New York City has taken place at Equinox in the Upper East Side. In a world that’s only just beginning to win the war against Covid-19, medical research like this is even more important, but social distancing is still critical. 

That’s why Cycle for Survival is going virtual for the first time ever. That means it’s never been easier to participate. You don’t even have to leave the house to do your part. If you’ve got a bike at home and an internet connection you can ride!

How Can I Help if I Don’t Have a Bike?

Whether you’d like to ride but don’t have a bike or you simply don’t feel like riding, you can still participate! Our donors are just as important as our riders. You can quickly and easily make a secure donation by following this link. With your contribution, you’ll help us reach our goal to raise $1 million and win the battle against cancer.

Join the Battle:

The main virtual event will take place on May 15th so there is still plenty of time to sign up. This powerful celebration of life is easy to access by simply downloading the Equinox app on Android or IOS.

If you’d like to go the extra mile, Cycle for Survival is also tentatively planning to host a socially distanced outdoor ride at MetLife Stadium on May 1st. Because safety is the number one priority, this event is currently planned but not 100% confirmed. The organizers of Cycle for Survival are continuing to monitor state regulations, CDC guidelines, and infection rates to determine if an in-person event is possible.


Whether you’re with us virtually, at MetLife Stadium, or simply a donor who’s pitching and sending good vibes, we’d be more than delighted to see you there. If you’re ready to join the fight against rare cancer, click this link to donate now!