If you’re like most New Yorkers, you’re probably still adapting to the shutdown of our great city. While we figure out how to work from home, stay positive, and to remain healthy many of our smaller local businesses have closed their doors.

This means that our favorite local bars, restaurants, barbers, and more have reduced service or closed entirely, leaving them and their employees without income. Luckily, there are still ways that those of us who are still working can help keep these beloved businesses and their employees afloat!

Order Food:

While you’re not allowed to sit down in your favorite restaurant at this time, you can still order from them. Many restaurants have kept their kitchens open and their delivery workers moving as most of the city's residents retreat to their homes. Grubhub has even temporarily suspended its service fees to help offset costs for local businesses. 

So, even when most of the city is shut down, you still don’t have to do all of the cooking yourself!

Order Drinks:

Craving a glass of wine, a cold beer, or a stiff drink? Although bars have closed their doors, New York City is now permitting the delivery of alcoholic beverages. While you won’t be able to sit in a crowded bar and shoot the breeze while you drink, you can still pick your drinks up or simply order them. Don’t forget to tip!

Keep Your Gym Membership:

If you’re a member of a local or boutique gym it may be tempting to cancel your membership entirely. If the gym is closed, what’s the point in having a membership? However, you may find it better to hold onto that membership. While large chain gyms will be probably able to weather the storm, smaller fitness centers and their employees may not be as resilient. A large wave of cancellations could damage your favorite gym beyond recovery. If you truly love your local gym, reconsider that cancellation.

Crack Open a Book:

Miss visiting your favorite bookstore? They miss you too! Instead of turning to a giant online bookseller, now is the perfect time to support your local bookseller. They’ve all closed their doors, but many of them are keeping the lights on as best they can--even offering book delivery. Follow your local bookstore online and on social media to find out how to help out while enjoying a great read!

Buy Gift Cards:

In an effort to keep cash flowing to their employees, many bars, restaurants, and even barbershops are setting up gift card programs. You’ll be able to purchase a gift card or voucher for future use. Once businesses reopen, you’ll already have credit on file. Pull one of these cards out at your local business after the quarantine ends and they’ll know you’re a true supporter. Just imagine how great the service will be…

Decline Ticket Refunds:

Local theaters and venues have closed their doors. Broadway has gone dark. It seems that Netflix is the only one thriving, for obvious reasons. Most venues are offering a full refund for tickets purchased in advance. However, if you’re a true patron of the arts, you might want to decline that refund. Many theaters are now giving patrons the option to refuse their refund and to funnel it back into a relief fund for temporarily out-of-work theater performers and employees. When the time comes, you’ll have helped the show to go on.

Get The Word Out:

Didn't know about all the ways you could still help your local business before reading this blog post? Now you do! It's your turn to share the news that we can all chip in to help our favorite spot stay in business during these uncertain times. Tell a friend, share this blog post, or just try one of the tips we recommended here!