Even if you’re back in the office these days, there’s a good chance you haven’t been able to get out of town for a real vacation. As New York City life slowly returns to normal, we’re all looking for a change of scenery. Luckily, NYC is one of the best places in the world to take a “staycation”. 

A Stay-Cation is the perfect way to turn your already awesome apartment into a totally new location. It’s a chance to unwind, reset, and relax. A place to get away from it all, without ever actually leaving your home. Think you’ve tried everything possible to beat boredom during quarantine? Think again. These are our favorite staycation ideas as well as some tips for how to set yourself up right.

Prepare Properly The best way to ensure your staycation feels like a real vacation is to prepare properly. Set a few mental guidelines for yourself before you begin. That means that phones, emails, chores and all of your other regular worries will have to go away, at least for a while. This is all about spending quality time with yourself and your family. Set yourself up so you can fully enjoy your staycation without interruption. Set that out of office email, silence your phone, and turn off the news.

Get Comfy You’re on vacation, which means the only dress code is something that makes you feel good. Want to spend all day in a robe or sweatpants? Do it! Want to throw on your favorite suit or cocktail dress? Feel free. This is all about wearing something that’ll make you feel comfy. 

Transform Your Home If you’re going to embrace this staycation thing, it’s important that you feel transported, even if you’re just chilling at home. Put a soothing ambient video on your tv, play relaxing music, and even re-arrange your apartment. A small change in lighting can really make things feel different. Decorate your apartment with flowers and candles. Bring out your best silverware and dishes. There are so many little ways to make your apartment feel new.

Nail the Food One of the best parts of a vacation is the permission we give ourselves to indulge in foods we might otherwise avoid. If you’ve been cooking your own meals for the entire quarantine, it’s time to order in. Let someone else do the hard work. On the flip side, if you love to cook but haven’t had time lately, this is your opportunity to get back in the kitchen. Speaking of which…

Throw a Dinner Party If you and your friends or family have all been quarantining, why not throw a dinner party? If you’ve all been tested and everyone feels safe, this could be your chance to throw a small party. Crack open a bottle of wine and cook for them. We recommend you keep the party small and be sure that all of your guests feel comfortable with the level of exposure. Keep it low key and relaxed.

Catch Up On Your Reading  If you love to read, you’re probably just as frustrated as anyone at how much social media can cut into your attention span. This staycation is a great opportunity for you to get back into that novel you’ve been wanting to finish. This is also the perfect time for you to re-read your favorite books or pick up your latest guilty pleasure.

Take A Class There are so many opportunities to take online classes these days it’s actually kind of ridiculous. We’re not talking about picking up a new degree either. In fact, whatever class you choose should be distinctly not work or career-focused. You can easily enjoy wine tastings, painting classes, and cooking classes through a webcam. Stonehenge NYC even hosts a bunch of virtual classes! Stay tuned on this blog to learn about the latest classes.

Do It Yourself Got a few projects around the apartment that you’ve been putting off? Hanging that picture, assembling that furniture, or just doing a bit of spring cleaning? You might actually find it super relaxing to get your chores done with no timeline or pressure. Turn on your favorite tunes or podcast, and take your time catching up.

Shopping Spree  It’s time to treat yourself. With so many physical retailers closed, you may have thought the days of a shopping spree are over. Not quite! Spend a day browsing the websites of your favorite stores and building yourself a new wardrobe, virtually. It’ll all be delivered right to your doorstep, and most online retailers allow for easy and free refunds for anything that doesn’t fit. It’s time to treat yourself. 

Date Night  Even if you’re currently living with your significant other, chances are things aren’t always as romantic as they could be. Set up a date night. Dress to impress. Put out some candles. Cook a delicious meal. Woo your partner. Remember why you got together in the first place. Not living with your partner? No problem. Spend a little quality time with them via webcam!

Dine Outdoors  As you’re no doubt aware, plenty of NYC restaurants have opened their doors and are now serving food in their outdoor seating areas. If your favorite restaurant has opened their outdoor seating, and if they’re following social distancing guidelines, this could be your chance! Don’t push your comfort zone, but if it looks and feels safe, go for it!

Do NOTHING Sleep in. Take a nap. Binge Netflix. Take a much-needed break from your responsibilities. Work and life will be waiting for you tomorrow. Nobody will blame you!