If you’re planning to propose to that special someone, you couldn’t pick a better place than New York City. There are romantic vistas, memorable locations, and fancy restaurants galore. 

There’s a lot of pressure when planning a proposal. But if you’re going to propose you want it to be special. Stonehenge NYC is here to help with a few fab proposal ideas. 

Public or Private?

Some people want a big public proposal in front of all their friends. Others prefer something a bit more personal. The only way to know what your loved one wants is to talk to them! Try to slyly find out what kind of a proposal they’d want. Start planning from there.

Not Sure if They’ll Say Yes?

There are tons of nerves when it comes to proposing. If any of those nerves are around your doubts as to whether they’ll say yes, you shouldn’t be proposing!

What About a Ring?

Not sure where or how to buy a ring? You’re not alone. Luckily, we’ve got a whole blog post about how to find a great jeweler in NYC.

Where Should I Do It?

Read on…

Up in the Sky:

New York City has some pretty breathtaking skylines and views. Get up, high above it all and take it in. Take a trip to the top of 1 WTC, Rockefeller Center, or The Empire State Building and tell your loved one how you feel.

Want to take it a step further? Book a scenic helicopter ride around the city and propose while you fly over our beautiful city.

Take to the Seas:

Manhattan is an island, which means it’s easy to book a scenic boat ride. Our skyline looks incredible from the waters. A cruise of the NYC waterways is a true VIP experience with great food, drinks, and even live music. Invite your friends along for a public proposal, or sneak away to the deck to propose a bit more privately. You can’t go wrong with a boat.

Propose in a Park:

New York City has more incredible parks than any other city on earth. Central Park is iconic, Prospect Park is gorgeous, and there are countless smaller parks to choose from. It’s easy to find a romantic location to propose publicly or privately. Bring a photographer along if you want to memorialize the moment!

Recruit a Pet:

New Yorkers love their pets and our pets love us. Sure, having the family's blessing on your union is great, but nothing tops Fido. Tie the ring (VERY SECURELY) to their collar and send them to that special someone. Once the notice the ring, it’s time to get down on one knee.

Keep it Classy:

Sometimes the old ways are the best. Book a table at a super fancy restaurant. Give them a night on the town, and pop the question during or after dinner. This is your chance to make a special restaurant, your special restaurant. 

Make Them a Meal:

Got a gorgeous apartment with a great kitchen? Take the time to cook them their favorite meal and propose for dessert. Don’t have a gorgeous apartment with a great kitchen? Visit www.stonehengenyc.com and check out our apartments. We’ll hook you up.

Make “Yes” the Answer:

Dating someone who loves trivia night? You’ve got the opportunity to make them answer the most important question ever. Work with the organizers of your trivia night to set up THE question that’s just for the one you love. When the moment comes, go for it.

Bring in the Family:

If they’re the kind of person who wants family involved, work with their family to build the perfect proposal. Throw a party, host a dinner, take them out on your balcony. There are a million ways to incorporate their loved ones into the moment.

Escape Together:

Does your significant other enjoy escape rooms? So do we! Reach out to a local NYC escape room and set up a special escape experience. The final door, lock, or puzzle they solve won’t just spell victory, it’ll also hold a ring behind it. This is one escape room they’ll never forget.

Slip on Skates:

The ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center is a classic location for a proposal--and for a good reason. It’s a super romantic spot. Sometimes things are cliche for a good reason. Just be sure they know how to skate!

Make it Perfect:

There are plenty of great proposal ideas in this post, but you know your lover better than anyone else. Take the time to craft and plan a proposal that is uniquely suited to his or her personality. The ring, the setting, and the words you say are all important, but the most important thing to them is you. Remember, no matter how you decide to do it: it’ll be perfect.