After spending a few months in our Manhattan apartments, many of us are ready to revamp our spaces. Maybe you’ve decided to upgrade to a larger home, or are interested in exploring a new neighborhood, hosting one of Stonehenge’s many properties. Or perhaps you want to stay in your New York abode but are looking for a bit of a makeover. Whatever the reason, take a bit of time to consider how you can tailor your living space to fit your unique style.


While you may be ready to fully furnish and decorate your home upon move-in, having patience with the process can be much more rewarding in the long run. You’ll come across unique pieces that will allow you to fully express your personality through environment. But if you’re wondering where to start when crafting your home, read on for four simple ways to mix and match interior decor.

Create a Solid Foundation

The key to flexibility in interior decor is creating a solid foundation. Before you get started, you’ll want to consider the general foundation and color palette for your home. Decide if you’ll lean into earthy tones and materials, or will be opting for a more sleek, modern look. While you don’t have to strictly stay within this lane, it will help to provide a base that you can work off more later. 

Embrace Different Genres

Now that you have a solid foundation, feel free to mix it up! Perhaps you have a more contemporary base but discover a fantastic Victorian armchair, you simply can’t live without -- then go for it! Your home has the potential to tell a story, not only of your personal style, but the people and places you’ve encountered along the way. Let it evolve with you!

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix it Up

Fashion, style, and decor have always held unspoken rules: don’t mix navy and black, stick to a single theme, always have a focal point or statement piece. While these guidelines can be incredibly helpful when you’re getting started, it’s important to leave a bit of room for play! Don’t be afraid to place brushed iron candlesticks on top of your marble and gold side table. Or to bring an industrial light fixture into your Scandanavian-designed home. If the pieces feel genuine to you, then differing elements will find a way to work together that is unique to your apartment. 

Leave Room for Inspiration

When you’re first moving into your new apartment, it can be tempting to furnish the place right away. Which makes perfect sense! You want it to feel like home, within a week of beginning your lease. However, preplanning all of your decor leaves little room for inspiration to strike. While you’ll certainly want to get the main pieces of furniture right away, let smaller items find you over time. A more interesting conversation will emerge when guests comment on the rug you bought during your travels in Morocco, than if it was simply found online at the beginning of your apartment search. Leaving room for inspiration takes a bit of patience, but makes all the difference in the end.