We’re all feeling the lockdown in NYC these days. If you’re stuck at home self-isolating you’re doing your part to keep everyone in our great city safe and healthy. But what if you feel like doing a bit more? 

If you’re looking for ways to give back in these troubled times--you can! Stonehenge NYC is excited to hook you up with a few fantastic ways to contribute during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Support Local Businesses:

It can be tempting to order all your stuff from Amazon or another large business, but you can still support your local stores, restaurants, and even bars. Keeping cash flowing into those smaller local businesses will help ensure that they’re still around when the quarantine is lifted. 

Stonehenge has a blog post on this very topic; you can read it by clicking here: How To Support Local Businesses During a Shutdown

Take Care of Those At Risk:

As we all know, it’s more dangerous for old folks and those with compromised immune systems to leave their homes. This can make getting groceries and other necessities quite the harrowing prospect. Luckily, there are some volunteer organizations out there tackling this problem.

Coronavirus Couriers is a great way to give back and to get some exercise. This volunteer group delivers groceries to at-risk people all across the city. If you’ve got a bike and some free time you can help. Simply email them at coronacourier@protonmail.com or text to (929) 320-0660.

Meals on Wheels is the original food delivery service for older and home-bound folk all across America. Their job here in NYC is more critical than ever right now. You can donate your cash or volunteer to help out.

Caring Calls is a program by DOROT that just might be the solution to that lockdown loneliness. If you’re feeling isolated you can quickly and easily jump on a phone call with a senior citizen in the same situation. You might make an unexpected friend! Email them at volunteers@dorotusa.org

Support Food Pantries:

Food pantries have always been a vital resource for the less fortunate in our city. These days, with so many New Yorkers losing their jobs, your donations are needed more than ever.

Food Bank NYC has made it easy and safe to donate food and money to their supplies. City Harvest is NYC’s largest food rescue organization. Want to bring some supplies to a local food pantry? You can find them at https://www.foodpantries.org/st/new_york

Help Essential Workers:

Our doctors, nurses, grocery store employees, truck drivers, and manufacturers are on the front line of the epidemic. They’re taking on more risk than all of us, but we can still lend them a hand. The State has a website full of ways to donate to essential workers and first responders.

Hospitals, nursing homes, and other essential services are feeling a financial strain right now. You can support them with a cash donation to The COVID-19 emergency relief fund. 

Join the SWAT Team:

Got mad tech skills? They’re needed right now. If you’re an innovator with a mind for solving technical and logistical problems you can join the recently activated SWAT team. If you’re a web developer, data scientist, analytics expert, or content strategist there’s a good chance you can lend your talents to this important cause. Find out more by clicking here.

Donate Blood:

Donating Blood has always been a fantastic way to broaden your positive impact on the world. Just because there’s a pandemic on, doesn’t mean you can’t still donate. Blood and plasma are more needed now than ever and blood donation clinics have developed safe ways for you to visit and donate. 

While it’s important to self-screen for any COVID-19 symptoms, the New York Blood Center has noted: “There is no data or evidence that this coronavirus can be transmitted by blood transfusion.” You can learn more about donating by following this link. You can also donate at The American Red Cross.