Birthdays are an amazing time to gather with friends and family to celebrate your next year of life! While hosting these festivities in self-isolation can be a challenge, it doesn’t have to completely take the wind out of your sails. There are plenty of options available when deciding how to hold your virtual birthday party, all while maintaining social distance. Read on for four ways to celebrate during self-quarantine.

Zoom Party

Just because you aren’t able to gather IRL, doesn’t mean your friends and family can’t celebrate with you! Zoom has gained plenty of popularity in recent months, and for good reason - it allows guests to video chat with multiple people at a time, which makes it perfect for your birthday festivities. Consider making a celebration soundtrack, and sending it to all your guests ahead of time. That way you can set a mood (and have a dance party!) while maintaining social distancing. 

E-Card Shower

Okay, so this one is best done if you’re planning a birthday surprise for someone else. While you could certainly do a regular card shower, why not go digital instead! It’s a simpler, more accessible format, without the risk of braving a post office. If you’re feeling particularly fancy, have guests self-record a video to send ~ that way your loved one can get personal messages AND see their friends’ faces on their birthday.

Facetime Dinner Party

Do you prefer to celebrate in a more low-key setting? Then consider hosting a small, virtual dinner party. Send out the desired recipe a week or so before your birthday, so everyone can attain the necessary ingredients. Then hop on facetime and cook your meal with those loved ones. Once the meal is ready, you can sit down to dinner together and catch up over facetime. 

House Party

Not an actual house party, of course. But the House Party app allows you to play games with friends at a distance! So if you typically love gathering for some friendly competition over board games, then this is the perfect solution for your self-quarantined birthday celebration!