After spending three months indoors, it’s likely that you’re getting a little sick of the scenery… no matter how much you love your apartment! Fortunately, summer has begun and it’s never been a better time to focus on brightening your home. While certain setups are more conducive to letting natural light shine indoors, there are plenty of small steps you can take to brighten your current abode. Read on for five ways to create a lighter, brighter home today!

Avoid Heavy Fabrics

Dark velvet drapes can be a wonderful addition to a Victorian mansion. But if you’re wanting to brighten up your New York apartment, lean into lighter fabrics -- both in color and material. Sheer curtains will allow the natural light to shine through, without compromising privacy. A taupe couch helps pull the space together while still creating a sense of openness. Even throw pillows and blankets can shift the ambiance of a room. So if you’re decorating a smaller or darker space, use fabric choices to lighten the mood. 

Paint With White

White paint allows for light to bounce off of a surface, whereas darker colors absorb light rays. It may seem simple, but opting for pure white walls will help keep the room feeling expansive. Not only is this a simple option, but it also allows for versatility. When your walls act as a “blank canvas” you’re able to shift interior decor choices much more seamlessly as well. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Reflections are your friend when it comes to brightening up your apartment! Not only do mirrors make space feel bigger, they quite literally reflect light back into the room. Standing mirrors can be a wonderful option, but if you’re tight on space, opt for some larger, mounted wall fixtures. They’ll work to draw the eye upward, and give your home a much more open feeling.

Use Multiple Lighting Options

A major part of maintaining a bright home is providing as much light as possible. However, you may not want to keep those overhead fixtures on after 6 pm. So why not play around with multiple lighting options? Plus, it’s an opportunity to get creative! Lamps can easily add to the overall vibe and artistry of an apartment while providing an additional light source. Plus, it will allow you to shift the mood to fit the time of day and occasion. 

Wipe Down Your Windows

This may seem like a no brainer, but breaking out the Windex will do wonders for your home. Allow sunshine to stream easily into your living space, while simultaneously ridding yourself of any visual blocks to the outside world. Let the light in!