Have You Heard About AptDeco?

July 8th, 2014

We've all been there - it's time to furnish your place, and you want something with "character." But who has time to browse vintage shops? Introducing: AptDeco, an online localized hub for gently used furniture, which launched in NYC in September 2013. We had a moment to chat with AptDeco co-founder, Reham Fagiri, to find out more about this very cool website. Read on, dear friends and fellow furniture enthusiasts! Give us a little bit more information about the AptDeco experience... AptDeco offers a complete end-to-end process to bring back the joy of discovering amazing furniture finds for your home. With a trusted and verified community of buyers and sellers, pre-arranged pick up and delivery and a secure payment process you can finally sit back, relax and enjoy your finds while we take care of those pesky details in the background.

A room featured on the AptDeco blog.

Introduce Us to the Team… Kalam & Reham are co-founders of AptDeco. Prior to AptDeco, I [Reham] worked at Goldman Sachs as a Technology Manager and then headed to Wharton Business School for an MBA. Kalam, worked at L’Oreal USA’s Maybelline Gariner Essie division as a Vice President of Sales for 10 years. How did AptDeco get its start? The idea for AptDeco was born out of pure necessity: after numerous bad experiences dealing with current services, we thought to ourselves, "There must be a way to buy or sell furniture without the scams, hassle, or creepy people going into your apartment!".

A chair currently available on the site...we love this color!

What brought AptDeco to Manhattan? Both co-founders, Reham and Kalam, happily reside in NYC. What Makes AptDeco Unique? AptDeco serves as our customers’ personal concierge - from curating a collection of unique designer furniture, to our flat rate, easy pick up and delivery services. What is a “can’t miss” Feature Currently Available on Your Site? AptDeco offers the cheapest and most reliable delivery service available in NY and beyond - $65 flat rate anywhere in NYC! What Should A New Apartment Dweller Make Sure to Look for in a New Piece of Furniture?
  • Look for products that help you maximize space and enhance the overall feel
  • Check the dimensions and make sure the product fits within your place.
  • Use neutral colors with one or two accent pop of colors
Where Does the AptDeco Team Hang Out After a Hard Day’s Work? We just moved into our new office in midtown so we don’t have a go to place yet - any ideas?! How Can Stonehenge Residents Take Advantage of Any Special Offers? Take $20 off your first purchase by using this coupon code at check out:  STONEHENGE20.

What a pretty piece to spice up any room - now available on the Aptdeco website!

Check out the products, ideas, and offers on their website, aptdeco.com. Happy shopping!