Halloween is going to be a little different this year. Thanks to the current global situation and social distancing, parents and kids alike are re-thinking this classic holiday. Luckily, you don’t have to outright cancel the festivities. 

Stonehenge NYC is here to help with some fun, easy ways to safely celebrate Halloween in 2020! Put in your vampire's teeth, put on your costume, grab your pumpkin carving kit, and get ready for Halloween 2020.

Follow The Guidelines:

Above and beyond everything else, be sure to follow the CDC guidelines for Halloween this year. Most of them are pretty much what you’d expect - wear a mask and try to maintain six feet of distance between you and other trick or treaters. 

The CDC encourages you to pay close attention to the guidelines for your area. Keep gatherings virtual, or very small, and exercise caution at every opportunity. You can read their full guide to safely celebrating all holidays by following this link.

Decorate Your Door:

Not planning on going trick or treating this year? You’re not alone. Still, there will be some folks heading out to hunt for candy. You can probably already see where this might be a problem. With people coming and going from your door all night, the risk of exposure is higher. Luckily, you can still participate in Halloween, without having to meet the trick or treaters.

Start by decorating your apartment door in a Halloween theme. Get the kids involved and compete with your neighbors to create the spookiest door. Finally, go ahead and place a big bowl of candy out front for any kids or adults who might come searching for sweet treats. You’ll stay safely in your home while they get their sugar fix. 

Host a Virtual Scary Movie Night:

As long as you’re staying in for Halloween, you might as well turn on a scary movie to stay in the spooky spirit. Watching scary movies alone is frankly, pretty creepy. If you live alone, be sure to host a virtual scary movie night.

Virtual movie nights are pretty simple these days, thanks largely in part to apps like Netflix Party which allows you to enjoy every jumpscare with family and friends, no matter how far away they may be. We’re huge fans of Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House series for adults and Hocus Pocus if you’re looking for something more kid-friendly. 

Host a Virtual Pumpkin Carving Party:

Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you can skip the Jack O Lantern. Chances are, you can nab a pumpkin at your nearest supermarket and carving kits are easily available on Amazon.

Design your own pumpkin or find a template online and get carving! At Stonehenge NYC, we hosted a virtual pumpkin carving party with our residents, and it was a huge success! Get your family and friends together on Zoom and show off your designs! You can even vote for your favorite.  

Hunt for Your Candy:

If you’re not planning to take the little ones out this year, you can still make this a memorable Halloween for all. Instead of going door to door, arrange a Halloween scavenger hunt in your apartment. 

Hide candy behind couches, under lamps, and in every nook and cranny that your kids can safely explore. Make sure they get dressed up to complete the Halloween experience. Let’s be honest; we’re kind of stealing this idea from Easter, but it’s still a fun way to spend a Spooktacular evening. 

Work a Mask into Your Costume:

Planning to go out? Consider incorporating a mask into your costume this year. Aside from very recent history, Halloween was the one time of year where you were expected to wear a mask! Limit your exposure by dressing as Walter White, a surgeon, or a hazmat suited government agent!