As we slowly work our way back to the new normal, New Yorkers are bravely looking forward. While things may never go back to the way they were exactly, we can expect to ease back into a more familiar day-to-day life soon. 

If you’ve found yourself getting out of shape during the pandemic (and who hasn’t?) You’ll be happy to learn that New York gyms have started to re-open. If you’re ready to pump some iron and burn some calories, then Stonehenge NYC is here to hook you up with everything you need to know about how to stay safe as gyms re-open.

It’ll Take Time: 

Although the rest of New York state started re-opening in early September, NYC gyms have had to wait a bit longer. This is because no gym can re-open without an inspection, and government inspectors are currently focused on getting schools approved as the new school year approaches. Keep an eye on your favorite gym--they’ll let you know as soon as they open!

Signing In Will Be More Complicated:

In the old days, you could swoop into the gym and be burning calories without delay. The only thing that slowed you down was the check-in process, which generally involved scanning a bar code. In a post-pandemic world, you’ll be expected to sign in and provide your contact information. You’ll also need to sign and verify that you haven’t had any symptoms recently.

Finally, you’ll need to submit to a temperature check. Luckily, this can be done quickly and easily with a laser thermometer. Once it’s confirmed, you don’t have a fever, you’ll be good to go.

No More Drinking Fountains:

When you work up a sweat it’s natural to want to quench your thirst with a drink. You may have noticed that drinking fountains aren’t exactly sanitary, which is why gyms won’t be allowed to offer them anymore. Fortunately, they will still be able to provide you with water refill stations. Just make sure you bring a bottle or be prepared to buy one from the vending machine. 

Showers May Not Be Available:

The requirements for gym showers just got a lot more strict, which is why you probably won’t be showering at your gym any time soon. Communal showers are officially banned, but private shower stalls are still okay. That said, the gym will need to disinfect the showers between each use, which may not be feasible. In order to stay safe, you’ll probably want to just shower at home.


Don’t expect classes to be immediately available. Although we love group classes as much as anyone, gyms aren’t authorized to start offering them right away. Once they do open classes up, the size will be severely limited to ensure proper social distancing. The classroom area will also need to be thoroughly disinfected. You’ll find it a lot more tricky to nab a spot in a class, at least until gyms and their staff get things running a bit more smoothly. 

Disinfect, Disinfect, Disinfect:

You’ve no doubt noticed that we’ve mentioned disinfecting a lot in this blog post already. The gym staff won’t be the only ones responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy gym. You and your fellow gym patrons will be expected to disinfect all equipment you use as soon as you’re finished with it. Most gyms already have a policy like this in place, but you can be sure they’ll enforce the policy a lot more closely these days.

You’ve Already Got This:

If nothing else, the past few months has given all of us a crash course in pandemic safety. The main requirements for staying safe in the gym are the same as everywhere else. Wear a mask properly and maintain a 6 feet distance from others. You’ll notice the layout of your gym has been changed to accommodate this, which will probably mean less equipment and longer waits. That said, it’ll be refreshing to get back to the gym and start working out again. You’ve got this down!