As New York City reopens, thousands of New Yorkers are returning to work. If you’re one of them, you might be feeling a little nervous about climbing back on the subway. After all, it’s hard to social distance in a crowded metal tube under the earth.

Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to get to work. Some of them you may not have even thought of. Stonehenge NYC is here to suggest some excellent, fun, safe ways to return to work.


You can’t beat the bike when it comes to classic city transit. New York City’s streets are actually pretty biker friendly, so you may find this to be a great, affordable option. Even better, you’ll likely burn a few extra calories by commuting on two wheels. 

You don’t even have to own a bike to commute with one. Citi Bike has spread throughout the city in recent years, making it crazy easy for you to grab a bike when convenient without having to worry about locking it up or maintaining it. Want to learn the basics of biking in a big city? Check out our blog post on just that topic. 

Electric Scooter:

Looking for an effortless and fun way to swing into work every morning? You may find an electric scooter to be just the ticket. Until fairly recently electric scooters had been banned in NYC, but since they were legalized they’ve taken off in a big way. 

Electric scooters come in a variety of form factors and price points. There’s a reason that just about every city-based delivery person uses one of these. They’re simple to use and great at snaking through city traffic. Some of them will go faster than 25 miles per hour, which means you could conceivably get to work faster on one of these than if you took a car. 

Not sure an electric bike is for you? That’s okay. Revel is an app that allows you to hop on any of their electric scooters in the area and take it for a spin. It works just like Citibike, but with electric scooters. Just be sure to stay off the sidewalks.

NYC Ferry:

Believe it or not you don’t have to take a bridge or a train to get over NYC’s many waterways. Our great city has a fully operational ferry system that’s been overlooked by many New Yorkers. You might be surprised to find a NYC Ferry location is within walking distance of your apartment or office.

The NYC Ferries are the hidden gem of our public transit system. They’re often less crowded than subway cars, allow you to enjoy city views, and even serve refreshments on board. Not only that, but a ferry ride is also the same price as a subway ride. Take to the seas and your commute will never be the same!

Electric Skateboard:

Living in modern times offers technological advantages beyond high-speed streaming and sophisticated smartphones. There are big innovations happening in the world of personal transport, and we’re not talking about electric cars. 

The electric Boosted Board is a super fun way to get around the city, provided you’ve got some experience on a surf or skateboard already. It’s a longboard without all the hard work. There’s no need to arrive at work sweaty with one of these. 

Want something with off-road capability? The One Wheel is just what it sounds like. With one big tire, you’ll fly through the city and be at work in no time. Both of these options have a long battery life and can easily be recharged while you’re at work. Once you start exploring the ever-growing world of new-fangled personal transport you’ll be amazed at what you discover. Just be sure to wear a helmet!