Free Fall NYC

October 3rd, 2018

There is a ton of stuff to do in New York City in the fall. The only problem with all this awesome stuff is that it usually costs money. As hardened New Yorkers, we're used to paying top dollar to live in the city. Not today! Stonehenge NYC is here to hook you up with some awesome free fall fun! Pro-bono fun is just a subway ride away. Free Tours: Grand Central Tours Grand Central Terminal is one of the best of New York’s architectural icons, and it's right up the block from 41 and 20 Park Avenue! Even while rushing to reach the next train, it’s hard not to wonder about this history behind such an impressive building. Luckily, they’ve been offering free tours of Grand Central Terminal for a while now. shutterstock_345087263 On any given fall Friday, you can saunter into Grand Central and embark upon a 90-minute journey of discovery. Their highly knowledgeable tour guides will introduce you to the history and architecture of Grand Central and it’s surrounding neighborhoods. The Chrysler Building, Pershing Square and (the original) Lincoln Memorial will all come alive for you in a totally new way. Free Fun: Stonehenge NYC Halloween Costume Party There are a few great holidays in fall, but none is more fun than Halloween. As a kid, you got to go trick or treating but the fun doesn't have to stop just because you grew up. It's your chance you dress like a weirdo and no be judged! There will be plenty of parties but ours just happens to be free. halloweenblog On Halloween night we're turning the retail space at 101W15th into a party zone. Attendees will enjoy a front row ticket to the Village Halloween Parade as it passes right by our windows. There will be drinks, music, and a prizes given away for the best costumes. This event is totally free to Stonehenge NYC residents, Just be sure to RSVP! Free History: Hamilton Grange Just saw Hamilton on Broadway? You’re undoubtedly interested to learn a bit more about the life and times of America’s most newly-popular founding fathers. Hamilton was an important part of not just American history. He was a key figure in the history of our great city. shutterstock_229794103 In fact, did you know that Hamilton was also a New Yorker? Not only that, but his Harlem home is still standing? You can check it out anytime for free, just by heading up to 141st Street. Most of his estate has been taken over by the urban sprawl, but there’s still a good bit of greenery around the mansion to explore as well. You’d better get in there before the Aaron Burr Society trys to have it demolished. Free Pizza: The Crocodile Lounge The Crocodile Lounge is an excellent little New York secret. Simply saunter up to the bar and order a drink. The beverage isn’t free, but it is quite cheap, especially by NYC standards. Your drink will come to you with a mysterious ticket. shutterstock_410073562 A bit of investigating will undoubtedly lead you to the back of the bar, were a grumpy man is making tiny pizzas. Hand him the ticket and you’ll have your very own personal pizza in moments. You can even get pepperoni added for an extra buck. Enjoy your beer and pizza like a king--and be sure to tip the grumpy man. It’s not an easy job making pizza in the back of a bar. If you're looking for a cheap, unhealthy date, you can't beat this place. Free Fashion: Museum at FIT If you consider yourself to be a bit of a fashionista and you want to brush up on your fashion history, check out the Museum at The Fashion Institute of Technology. Here you’ll learn about the vast history of human fashion This splendid collection of clothing, costumes and other finery is nothing short of jaw-dropping, featuring over 50,000 garments and accessories from the 18th century to the present. shutterstock_717250504 There’s also always something new to see, because they’re constantly bringing in new exhibitions with captivating titles such as Fashion: Unraveled and the very apropo Worn in New York. It's the perfect way to burn a few hours on a cold fall day. Free History: Grant’s Tomb Grant’s Tomb is one of those New York curiosities that you stumble across and can’t believe you never knew about. Home to the remains of one of America’s greatest war heroes and presidents, this is the largest mausoleum in North America. shutterstock_1181825620 Once you get up close and personal with this marble and granite monstrosity you'll have a pretty good idea of how much the people of his time admired Ulysses S. Grant. It might sound morbid but this place is surrounded by a beautiful, and usually very quiet part of Riverside Park. So whether you’re looking to check out some cool architecture, feel closer to America’s history or simply enjoy a quiet stroll, Grant’s tomb is a perfect choice.