We’re living through an incredibly stressful time. Our daily routines have experienced a drastic shift as we prioritize public health -- but in the process, we must make sure to pay attention to our personal, mental health as well. When anxiety arises, it can be difficult to maintain perspective and refocus. So if you’re currently dealing with stress on a regular basis, consider incorporating a few tools to help combat the pressures of self-isolation. 


Anxiety is a mental, emotional, and physical response that results in taking you out of the present moment. One way to find your way back is through practicing mindful meditation. We know, this may sound intimidating if you’ve never tried it before, but there are plenty of resources to help you get started! 


Insight Timer is an app that provides guided meditations -- so you can simply choose your subject and timeframe, then sit back and follow the guide. Another simple way to focus is to set a timer (five minutes is a great starting point) and simply notice your breath. Whatever system works best for you is the way to go!

Move Your Body

Sometimes the best way to calm our nervous system is to shake out all of the extra energy. So take a break and move your body! Whether it’s a fitness class, a socially distant walk around your neighborhood, or a solo dance party, anything that helps you release some tension will certainly improve your stress levels.


It seems like the world has developed a joint hobby during this time of isolation - baking! And we couldn’t be happier. While recipes for sourdough boules, banana bread, and chocolate cakes circle the internet, you can take advantage of your time at home to cultivate your culinary skills. Not only is baking an excellent hobby to help you calm your mind, but you also reap the benefits afterward as well!

Netflix Binge

If you’re still having trouble with anxious thoughts, consider a digital escape! Netflix, Hulu, and HBO all have a plethora of movies and tv shows to entertain you throughout this self-quarantine. And there is no shame in the tv-binging game. You’ve got some spare time, so why not embrace all that the internet has to offer. Rewatch old episodes of Parks and Recreation, jump on the Tiger King bandwagon, or stream the Oscar-Winning Best Picture, Parasite. The world of digital streaming services is your oyster!