We’ve been hearing a lot about the environment lately. The news is constantly featuring the consequences of fossil fuels, carbon emissions, plastic use… the list goes on. And while switching to a completely eco-friendly lifestyle may feel like a huge jump, don’t be intimidated! There are plenty of small ways to live a greener life. If you’re unsure where to start, here are four small steps you can take to become a bit more sustainable in 2020.

Don’t Suck

Single use plastic plays a major role in environmental issues -- and one of the biggest culprits is drinking straws. While many companies are embracing alternative options, like paper straws with your morning cold brew, why not take this small step into our own hands? This simple utensil takes up minimal space in your tote or pocket, so carrying one throughout your daily travels won’t weigh you down. There are stainless steel, bamboo, even collapsable alternatives to help keep you eco-friendly and your fabulous lip gloss intact. Plus, many come with small scrub brushes or pipe cleaners, so sanitizing is easy-peasy. So stop sucking (or just be sustainable about it). The whales will be very grateful for your efforts.

Cycle Around

The ways we move through the world have drastically changed over the last six months. Taxis, car services, trains, buses, motorbikes, etc -- all of these forms of public or shared transportation leave a hefty footprint on the earth. And while sometimes we need to hop on the MetroNorth for a weekend getaway, there are plenty of ways to get around Manhattan that don’t involve fossil fuels. Consider getting a bicycle, or using Citi’s Bike Share program (now available to new Stonehenge residents)! Not only will you be able to move around the city at no cost to the environment, but you’ll also get some quality exercise in the process.

Eat Local

Just as automotive transportation affects the environment, so does shipping. While it’s difficult to completely avoid all deliveries in 2020, it is possible to focus our efforts on eating local produce. Whether you choose to attend the weekend farmers market or join your local CSA, these small efforts help support your community while also minimizing the use of fossil fuels that contribute to weekly supermarket food shipments. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Ah, a classic! While we’re sure you’re well aware of the benefits of recycling, a friendly reminder to sort your papers, plastics, and glassware is always helpful. New York City has an excellent recycling program that is incredibly convenient for its residents. Not to mention, every Stonehenge building has individual recycling bins onsite, that are processed daily. But in addition to formal recycling, think of ways to reuse products before that final step. Paper bags are perfect for transporting your lunch, and old jars are ideal for storing leftover food. Before you toss, think of the possibilities at hand. The environment will thank you!