Fleet Week 2018

May 14th, 2018

Fleet week returns to New York City! For 30 years the brave men and women of our ocean-bound armed forces have come together in our great city. From May 23rd til the 29th, this celebration of our brothers and sisters in the military gives them a chance to experience our great city. It also gives us a chance to rub shoulders with some of our nation’s finest. Fleet week is a quintessentially New York way to prepare yourself for Memorial Day. There are ship tours, military demonstrations, and countless other things to see and do--whether you’re a civilian or a sailor. Navy Band Concert: Since 1979 the Navy Band Northeast has provided musical support for military ceremonies, recruiting, and naval community relations programs. They’re kicking off Fleet Week with a big concert in Central Park's Naumburg Band Shell. Enjoy the sounds of classic patriotic tunes and new favorites to get yourself in the mood for Fleet Week. This concert is entirely open to the public but it is expected to get crowded, so show up early! (Starts Noon on Tuesday, May 22nd) shutterstock_31801027 Parade of Ships: Ever wanted to see the full military might of the United States Navy paraded out before your eyes? This magnificent display of ships from Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and even a select few Royal Canadian ships is guaranteed to leave you impressed. The parade circumnavigates all of New York harbor, so if you can see the river you’ll most likely be able to see the ships! (Happens on Wednesday, May 23rd--Time TBD-keep an eye on the Fleet Week Twitter) shutterstock_1037142970 U.S. Coast Guard Silent Drill Team Performance: Chances are you’ve seen a silent drill team performance on television, but now is your chance to see the best of them in person. The U.S. Coast Guard is sending their elite team of masterfully choreographed recruits to show us how it’s done. This complex display of military precision and focus will mesmerize you. Not only are these guys experts at the precise handling of ceremonial firearms, they’re also important members of the Honor Guard. Check them out at 9/11 Memorial Plaza. (First performance is Friday, May 25th at 1pm, but there are several more throughout the week) shutterstock_477433354 General Public Ship Tours: If the Parade of Ships left you wanting more, the general public ship tours are your chance to get into the belly of those steel beasts. At piers all across the city you’ll be given free access to some of the most impressive vessels in our military arsenal. Check out some cool military hardware, explore the labyrinthine corridors of a multitude of ships, and glimpse into the world of those who risk life and limb on the high-seas. (Tours start Thursday, May 24th at 8am) shutterstock_703540999 Marine Day: The United States Marine Corps are known for being some of the toughest is the business, and they’re coming to Prospect Park. They’ll demonstrate their cutting-edge physical fitness by running in formation through the park. In their uniforms, proudly carrying banners and flags, this traditional military run is often used during special events and to celebrate the birthday of the Marine Corps. After the run you’ll have a chance to see even more of their skills including static displays, military demonstrations, and a live performance by the USMC Battle Color Detachment. (Starts Saturday, May 26th at 8am) shutterstock_114170968 U.S. Coast Guard Search & Rescue Demo: When things go awry at sea, it’s up to the U.S. Coast Guard to come to the rescue. Their advanced techniques and technology help keep our coasts safe. Head to the Homeport Pier on Staten Island and watch as they stage a mock rescue featuring a giant helicopter, expert rescue swimmers and an imperiled mannequin. This pulse pounding display of machinery and physical prowess is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired and patriotic. (Saturday, May 26th at noon) shutterstock_479253055 U.S. Marine Corps Battle Color Detachment Performance: The U.S. Marine Corps Battle Color Detachment are affectionately known as the "Oldest Post of the Corps." This elite unit comprised of "The Commandant's Own” Drum and Bugle Corps, a Silent Drill Platoon and a masterful Color Guard show-off the excellence and talent of the USMC. A blend of contemporary music and traditional marching tunes blend with skilled choreography to create a truly dazzling display. They’ll be performing in the heart of Times Square, for all to see. (Saturday, May 26th at 8pm) shutterstock_345830237 Fleet Week Freedom Run: Come and watch sea service members and New York-based first responders embark on city-wide run from the North Cove Marina to the site of the 9/11 Memorial. This run is an important reminder of what we’ve lost, as well as an inspiring demonstration of the fortitude and resilience of those who risk it all on a daily basis. At end end of the race, the U.S. Marine Corps Battle Color Detachment will be there to welcome the runners and to honor the fallen. (Sunday, May 27th at 8am) shutterstock_665857021 Intrepid Memorial Day Commemoration: As the city celebrates Memorial Day with parades and ceremonies, join countless veterans on the deck of the museum ship Intrepid. All of NYC will honor and remember those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. All branches of the armed forces will be present, including veterans from conflicts going as far back as World War Two. (Monday, May 28th at 11:00am) shutterstock_667728277