This time of isolation can be an excellent opportunity to do a bit of self-reflection. And what better outlet than journaling! But if you’re new to this form of writing, it can be difficult to know where to begin. While writing down your dreams or daily tasks is an excellent start, there are plenty of ways to approach your journaling time. Read on for a bit of writing inspiration!

Memory Recall

While we may typically use our journaling time to write about recent experiences, what if you took a trip down memory lane? Recall a moment from your childhood when you felt scared or excited. What was it like to leave home for the first time? Or perhaps you want to jot down some memories from your favorite family pet. Whatever the prompt, taking a look at the past can help you have a greater appreciation and understanding of the present moment. 

Write a Letter

Okay, you don’t have to send it if you don’t want to -- but it can be a wonderful practice to use your journaling time to address someone specific. Perhaps you fell out of touch with a childhood friend and are wondering what they’re up to. Or maybe you want to write a note to the teenage version of yourself.  You could even write to a nurse you've never met. Whatever you decide, giving yourself a bit of direction can help you delve into a topic you typically wouldn’t explore. 

Use Your Imagination

We have plenty of time to let our minds wander these days, so why not embrace this freedom? Create a short story in your journal, that is completely from your imagination. Let your inner child take control and dream of distant worlds. If you’re not sure where to begin, give yourself a few guidelines. Think of a character, a place, and a circumstance -- like a magician on Saturn that needs to find her puppy. It may seem completely wild, but why not go for it! This is a fun experiment to see where your mind can take you. 

Free Write Your Feelings

We’re all going through a rollercoaster of emotions at this time, and journaling can be an excellent outlet to release some of that pent up energy. Freewriting is simple -- give yourself a specific amount of time (or pages) and just write whatever comes to mind. Focus on naming the feelings and thoughts you’re having at the moment. And feel free to vent! This is your time, so use it to let go of any unwanted emotions. 


Who says that your journal must only be for writing? Use those pages to draw if you’re so inclined. It can be intricate portrait sketches or simple doodles -- there are no rules! No matter your choice, this is another creative outlet to let your inner self shine through.