We’re spending a bit more time looking at our monitors these days. Whether we’re working from home or collaborating with people across the world, it’s easy to keep these digital meetings strictly professional. But have you considered using Zoom to enhance your social life? While it’s easy enough to facetime your mom, sometimes you’ll want to gather a group of friends in the virtual space. Not sure where to begin? Read on for five non-work related ways to use Zoom.


Just because we’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate! Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries all happen during self-isolation. And while we certainly want to maintain social-distancing guidelines, that doesn’t mean we can’t party. Gather your friends together for a zoom celebration -- have everyone pop a bottle of champagne and play a designated playlist, then virtually mingle with your guests. 

Performing Arts

Plenty of performing artists are feeling the weight of not being able to participate in their crafts. And in a city as wonderfully creative as New York, it’s a shame to miss out on these talented individuals. So why not support via video conference? Theatre companies can put on streaming plays, musicians can hold virtual concerts, and spoken word artists can digitally gather to share their poems. There are plenty of ways to bring together a community of artists, even if we’re unable to share a physical space at this time.


Isolation can be…well…kind of boring. And if you’ve gone through the majority of your Netflix queue and are looking to mix up your entertainment, why not start a book club? Grab a few of your literary-minded friends, and pick out a new novel by your favorite author. Not only will you get to pass time by absorbing some wonderful writing, but you’ll also have the perfect opportunity to chat with friends over Zoom to discuss the story!

Game Nights

Sometimes we just need to take our mind off our current circumstances, and what better way to have a mental break than with some friendly competition? Apps like House Party make it easy to gather with friends for a virtual game night -- but if you’re looking for more options, why not consider hosting a trivia night over Zoom? It’s a fun, lighthearted way to bring your favorite people together. 

Coffee Dates

Whether you’re interested in catching up with friends or meeting a new boo, Zoom is an excellent forum to schedule your next coffee date. After scheduling a time, simply brew your favorite cup of joe and spend some quality face-to-face time with your coffee date -- right in the comfort of your apartment!